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Want to host a blog and social networking on same site, help plz!

  • muhammads92


    I tried buddypress with its default theme on wordpress, but I noticed that it turns out to be only as a social networking site, I cannot put blog posts there. I want to host a blog as well as social networking community on the same site, as at, how to do it? I want to have them both on the same theme design as well. Do I need to install two different blogs or it can be managed with one blog only? Help please!

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  • djsteve


    buddypress does what you are wanting with both blogs and social, it works for me with the WPMU version of wordpress. From what I understand some people have it working with the new wordpress 3.0 series that is in kind of a testing phase at this tine. I am not sure if any blog themes have come that match the current default buddypress theme exactly – but it wouldn’t be hard to sculpt a WP theme like painter or constructor to be very close in most details.

    But what you are asking, is exactly what buddypress does. I would go back over all the of the installation instructions, and recheck all the steps and settings. If you are trying to use regular wordpress, and not wordpress mu – that may be an issue – haven’t tried that yet. Maybe there is another setting that is not in the instructions for that?



    “I cannot put blog posts there.”
    Sure you can, @muhammads92. just go to dashboard, Posts > New and post your blog. And, if you do not have a “Blog” in your main navigation, just create a new Page named e.g. “Blog” or “News” and publish it. Then go to Settings > Reading and choose “Static frontpage” and choose what you want for front page in dropdown then choose “home” or “News” in dropdown for blog page and save.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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