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Welcome Pack enabled but doesn't seem to work

  • PJ


    My install of BP 1.2 final on my WPMU doesn’t seem to work with the v1.6 Welcome Pack plugin. It activates fine, preferences save, but when new users join, they’re not welcomed with anything. Any ideas why it installs fine but doesn’t seem to work at welcoming new users? Thanks.

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  • pcwriter



    Silly question maybe but… did you enable the 3 options in Welcome Pack settings and save them? It works fine on my install which is the same setup as yours.



    wpmu 2.9.2 (not using multiple blogs, all other non-mu plugins seem to work)
    bp 1.2.3
    welcome pack 2.0.3

    admin not showing welcome message config area (pop down). friends and groups config show fine.
    any ideas?


    Did you upgrade from a previous version? Have a look at your wp_x_options database table (where x is the blog ID you are using; if it’s the main blog, it’ll be wp_1_options). Look for record of option_name = ‘welcomepack’. If you send the option_value to me at, we can figure this out.

    @designanddraft I’ve got your email, thanks.



    Hi Paul,
    Just noticed that this plugin and R-A-Y’s ‘BuddyPress Usernames Only’ plugin are incompatible as when the usernames only plugin is actvive NO names show under the Friends Pop down in Welcome pack.

    Any way to make them compatible?
    Ross :)

    I can’t spend the time checking this out @rossagrant for a while as I’m busy with other projects, but I will when I can.

Viewing 6 replies - 26 through 31 (of 31 total)
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