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What is the best dedicated econmic hosting for MU?

  • Ben


    I am finaly ready to get the dedicated hosting plunge. I have some questions, I read past posts but still confused. I searched around for dedicating hosting and I found one for $175 through my current host, which is hostgator, I also spoke with GOdaddy and they have a dedicated plan for $100. Now I would love to spend the cheapest as poosible to get started without sacraficing the sites stability. I can also change hosts to a more powerful one in a few months. I guess my questions is what do you recomend out of all the hosts that supports MU with multiple domain blogs? I basicly just want a clean install in the route directory.


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  • Don’t plan a site move unless you have to; select a host that you will be able to work with for a while.

    Important aspects to hosting, fast turn around on ticket requests to support desk, helpful support desk!.

    If you are not hugely confident in your abilities to manage a dedicated server (not as easy as one might think!) opt for managed server or semi managed.

    The costs you quoted sound high, and personally I wouldn’t choose the two you mention, cloud hosting is a viable approach, companies such as Media Temple offer good entry level VDS packages which can be expanded when required, they also have a strong user/support forum, these can be immensely useful for asking questions and generally gaining a bit of knowledge.

    There is a group here that was setup to start to collate info on hosts I would check that group out and see what others are using and recommending.



    @mrbeno You might want to check through this BP Hosting group: Still a new group, but some good information to get you started.



    Thanks for the info, I checked both of them out and actuly I started some chat thing with TMD and eneded up going with them. They seem pretty knowledgable and they are setting up buddypress MU and everything.

    I will post it in that group
    ALso I will post on the job board to hnla, i will have some soon.

    Thanks again both of you.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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