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What’s the best way to handle SEO optimization with BP?

  • miguelcortereal


    On my Blogs I use to have installed WordPress SEO by yoast plugin.

    With Buddypress isn’t efective, it only handles Posts, pages, and few parameters from the forums if these are sitewide from bbpress.

    SeoPresss from ThemeKraft is outdated for BP 1.6.1

    Any alternative?

    Within BP pages any roadmap of what to leave to index and what to block?

    For example: Activity pages should produce duplicated content, or is this already prevented ?

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  • meg@info


    There is Comercial version of SeoPresss.

    Im working in modified version of free SeoPresss and i add the rest of tags,
    my version steel in developement and it is not stable.I will share it in wordpress plugins.

    i want just to tell you too, the last version SeoPresss work in buddypress 1.6 but there is some bug in wp-admin, it make http 500 error with some other plugins.



    hum.. the best way is to do nothing !

    Yoast is certainly a well knowed WP plugin, but the best way IMO to be actually referenced in search engines is to publish regulary, pertinently with eventually a good cross referencing from other sites. This means reputation either then referencing directly. Good coding practice if you do this kind of work is also a good approach.
    So far i know, no artifical URL coding trick through SEO plugins is satisfying at this time. Because it’s difficult to have a site according to several different search engines with complex and very different algorythms and methods for each. Anyway, it’s a long term work.
    All the rest about SEO is litterature and marketing stuff.
    WP let’s you chosse between URL with numbers or letters. Prefer text.

    Keep also in mind that if your site is dedicated to something more or less unique and well documented, regulary updated, etc, it would at least have better chances to be found as a fashion site or a geek lair ;-)
    To upset you a little more, see here :-),or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.&fp=fa9ab9356798b6&biw=1467&bih=649

    Don’t believe anything you read about SEO online. It is just the equivalent of scareware for site owners.

    Google is moving to personalized search results and away from linked-in weighed results. One thing you can do is create a Google Plus page for your site then link it to your site. The people that then add your page to a circle (friend you) will see your items towards the top of their search results. This has a direct effect on all of Google products (search, Youtube, Gmail, etc.).

    This info comes direct from Google.




    The current version of SeoPress conflicts with group forums, you can’t edit or delete topics and shows wrong count for each forum topics list, So its unusable in my case.


    Totally agree with regular posting and all that stuff. The problem is on a regular wordpress blog, you need to adjust seo settings otherwise you will be producing duplicated content and getting penalties from google on your rank.
    Depending on the theme you use meta titles and meta description change, You may want to control that too to adjust it to your site specifics.


    As far as I know target keywords is the primary criteria search engines use to map sites and build their listings to output in search queries, why shouldn’t one exploit that to be found by the keywords he wants to and not by some random keywords that he never knows what they are?
    Totaly agree with G+ circles and add Facebook, Twitter, and the rest of social networks.
    When you have a site you must have a strategy for capture visitors, You have plenty that influence how your site is build. Search engines, social networks, advrtisement, you name it.

    Returning to my inicial question, What’s the best way to handle SEO optimization with BP?

    @miguelcortereal – I’m not sure why BP won’t take its cue from Yoasts (otherwise fantstic) SEO plugin and we’re trying to figure this out now – It sure doesn’t seem to work at ALL – and it even strips out the meager title tags that work fine in BP

    We’re using BP as a business directory for a local chamber of commerce. All of the categories, searches, and even the businesses profile pages themselves are getting blank title tags via Yoast’s plugin, but turn it off, and they come right back. Irritating – We’re looking for a way to just disable the plugin for BP pages but might dump the plugin if we have to.

    Unless we get Yoast working for BP too, I still don’t know how we can get a unique description snippet for each page either – His WP SEO plugin does that for you, taking a snippit from the beginning of the page – OR – you can go SEOverboard and put in one separately on the edit screen if you want to – (Same goes for the title and keyword tag – they autogenerate if you want or you can manually edit.)

    The rest of it – the “on page” seo is pretty much covered, although we do like to make sure the template has a unique H1 tag, but that’s about it.

    It’s also worth noting that the Yoast plugin does NOT add the BP pages to it’s xml sitemaps either, so we have to double up and use Arne deBracholds XML sitemaps plugin which does get every member BP page…

    @therestofyou – Yeah traditional SEO has changed, and is less link-dependent now, but the fundamentals of on-page SEO 101 (like a unique title tag, etc). are all still important. Even having a unique desc tag is important for the serps to show a description for the users,



    @cyber49 have you tried contacting Joost? He’s usually very responsive to such requests



    Has anyone come up with a solution for this with Yoast. I spent the whole day today searching the net for solutions and event tried some that really did not work especially the way they should.

    Lets think about this for a min. One of the strong points WordPress has always had is SEO. Clearly SEO is a big part of any serious website trying to grow. Buddpress is clearly the ICON in the social media building of sites for WP. So their has got to be a solution out there some plac as well as their needs to be long term fixes put into place so this is no longer an issue.

    I even tracked down this site today and observed many of their sites SEO and how well they were handling things at a member, group level and other areas of BP.

    Some you could tell don’t have a clue what I am talking about while others clearly found a way. I am also looking at contacting some of the sites that do to see if they could provide a solution.

    I did find this product today and even tested it. But to be honest while there has been a a lot of work that has went into it. Its not even in the same league as Yoast for SEO. There are so many other advanced features in Yoast that most people do not understand or use but add additional power for those that truly understand how to leverage SEO.




    There is very fine solution for the problem of seo with buddypress. You just have to use yoast seo plugin and modify one file.

    There will be solution for the titles of groups, group forums and member pages.

    More details when you follow the link.



    Thanks @derdzi – can someone please confirm this? also, can you share it with the Yoast SEO wordpress forum so they can respond?

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