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When BP co-exist with other user group(s) on the same site …

  • edh890


    I’m having this dilemma on the site I’m currently building. I use Paid Membership Pro as my membership plugin to register members, and after registration, members are linked to BP as their profile pages.

    Now I need to add another group of users, advertisers, to the site. And after advertisers register via a differrent plugin, even though they have their own account / profile from the plugin they register through, these members will also automatically show up in BP, since at backend admin, they are just like other members from Paid Membership Pro, they are all Users. What that also means these advertisers can easily go to any member’s BP profile and private message them, just like any other members from Paid Membership Pro.

    Some plugin author suggested I use to use user role to set restriction to a certain role’s access to BP. But I did not see any option there to block these advertisers’ role’s access to buddypress.

    Does anyone know of a way to achieve this? Thank you.

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