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when creating post it ‘auto’ adds to multiple categories

  • Anointed


    Not really buddypress issue per say, but figured the best experts are here to ask.

    Here is what is happening on all blogs:

    1. I create a post and assign it to ‘in the news’ category

    2. click submit/ then preview, then go back to the edit screen

    3. somehow the post is not only ‘in the news’ category but other random categories as well.

    This happens on every blog on my mu setup without exception.

    If I go back to edit article and then deselect the additional categories, it seems to fix the issue.

    While I can ‘deal’ with this headache, there is no way I can see my users dealing with this.

    I searched the wordpress forums but did not see this problem listed.

    Does anyone have a clue why this would happen, and a possible solution?

    (I tried disabling all plugins and it had no effect, running wpmu 2.7.1 with bp 1.0.1)

    Not exactly sure when this problem started as I have been dealing with it for so long now. At first I thought it was a theme issue, but then today I created new blog with new theme and it continues to happen so I am really stumped.

    The setup is maintained by Nicola for me, so I am pretty certain that everything was setup correctly

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  • danbpfr


    Try to disable java in your browser and look if you have the same result.



    I have tried this on 4 separate computers now and it continues to happen on every article on every blog I post to. I did turn off java as well and that made no difference.

    any ideas where to start troubleshooting this problem?



    Any chance you have some kind of site-wide category plugin installed? If not, it sounds like something is corrupt in your “Default Category” setting, in which case going to the admin side and changing the default posting category to something else, and then changing it back to whatever you want should reset it without you needing to dive into phpMyAdmin.

    BEFORE you do that though, maybe it wouldn’t hurt to take a look at phpMyAdmin and see what “Default Category” is set to?

    If it’s happening on every blog, with every post, then something is getting loaded that shouldn’t be.




    I do not have any site-wide category plugins installed. Right now the only plugins I am using for testing until it is figured out is buddypress.

    I did go into the ‘writing’ admin and change from uncategorized to another category, and then switched it back, saving both times.

    Did not solve the problem.

    The categories that are added seem to be completely random. Sometimes it adds the post to just one extra category and many other times it adds to multiple categories.

    Is there any type of ‘advanced’ error reporting, or reporting of functions being used upon a ‘submit’ post action?

    I’m thinking that if we can ‘capture’ all the events upon submission that maybe we could then track down the culprit. I know that years ago when I was working with postnuke, we had a cool custom hack that would print out all the functions being used no matter what you were trying to do. This was huge when it came to troubleshooting any possible error.

    I’m guessing that something similar exists for Andy and the devs, as coding without a feature like that would be much more difficult than having an actual ‘functions called’ output etc…

    thanks for assisting me with this. It’s one seriously annoying problem and has been very hard to track down.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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