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Where are the avatars ?

  • danbpfr


    Where are the avatars stored in database ?

    The full image and the small image of my avatar are not the same pictures and i did not find any reference to them in the DB.

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  • They are not stored in the DB, BuddyPress will look in the avatars folder under the user’s ID in blogs.dir.



    OK, in my case i have folder 1 in witch are several files for past avatars and more recent.

    Actually i got 2 different pictures (since update to 1.1) who are complety different. It’s impossible to delete them in blog.dir directly and i can’t also delete them when i am on the change avatar page.

    Is there a way to reorder the file names or something like this ?



    DO NOT make duplicated posts.

    If you have mistakenly made two topics, make a note to ask other members not to respond and direct them to right place.



    socialpreneur i know forum rules… ;-)

    but it’s very difficult to explain clearly a problem in foreign language.

    I’m french, désolé !

    Dont duplicate…

    Dont bump…

    What else as reformulating a question ?

    Blogs.dir is created with the same user/group permissions as that which is running the web server. If it is not your server, you need to talk to your host and ask them do delete blogs.dir (or whatever you want to do).



    I’m afraid that this would be the only solution DJPaul :-)

    Even if this did not answer my question about 2 different avatars…



    Where in the database does BP retrieve the link for the avatar?

    Am I correct to assume that the url to the avatar is somehow stored in the DB as part of the users profile. What is the name of that field?


    Here is my understanding (after looking a the BP code) :

    The avatar link is not in the DB. It’s just a path + the user ID as last directory.

    On my installation it’s /www/wp-content/blogs.dir/3/files/avatars/[ID of the user]

    My personnal issue is that when the user sign-in, the directory is not created at the right place, so user cannot see their avatar then.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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