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Where Are The CSS Files For BuddyPress????

  • newbie2011


    I have googled this and I understand that the buddypress structure is suppose to be in the buddypress.css file. However, I can’t find the css markup in buddypress.css so, where else would it be. I have alignment issues with my theme that I need to correct. Can’t do it unless I can find the proper markup. I am also trying to get the rest of buddypress to look very similar to me wordpress theme. I have used the bp capatibility tool but, useless to me in my opinion. I can’t give links to the issue because the site is only open to admins at this time. I am using wordpress 3.7.1 and bp1.8.1. Any help would be appreciated. I have posted an image to show you the alignment issue.


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  • Ajchimera


    It may be a conflict with buddypress.css and the WordPress theme. Have you inspected the element in Google chrome?



    The buddypress.css file is inside the plugins folder.

    wp-content / plugins / buddypress / bp-templates / bp-legacy / css / buddypress.css (copy)

    If you wanna change or add to this file this file you can copy-/paste it inside your WP theme folder inside a css folder and this new file will be used instead of the old one.

    wp-content / themes / [ your theme name ] / css / buddypress.css (paste)



    @ajchimera, No I have not inspected with Google Chrome. I never thought about a conflict with the wordpress theme and I will look into it.

    , I already have a buddypress.css in my theme. I am having trouble locating some of the markup and thought maybe there was another css file for bussypress that I have might of over looked.

    I will keep looking into the issue, thanks

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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