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Where are the translators ?

  • danbpfr


    When browsing here i’m amazed to see that nothing is updated since a long time for 98% of the different languages.

    When going here i’m happy to learn that buddypress 1.2 will be translated one of these… days ?!!! :D

    The Glotpress/buddypress is “a project” who permit only to translate the trunk, without Tagged and Branches archives. It’s not very interresting for endusers and a bit dramatical to use online for translating with security. The browser cache is not the best place to stay for new words dropping into Glotpress.

    Needless to say I feel a little lonely with my french updates on the i18n Trac. Unfortunatly i even don’t know if my work (fr_FR) is downloaded and used by someone.

    Who use BP in his native language ?
    Is BP used outside of english & french speaking countries ?
    Where/who are the translators ?

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  • I didn’t even know existed. Will talk to JJJ and see if we need it. I believed all the translation to be on GlotPress now.

    JJJ says: [it was? used for] manual upkeep of translation files. Unclear if it was ever connected to GlotPress directly.

    I don’t know what/how things should proceed. My guess is to migrate from that to using GlotPress, but I have no experience in this area. If you want to take a lead in working through these issues — perhaps by starting a discussion on the polyglots blog, — that would be very helpful.


    @chouf1 was created a long time ago – BP 1.1 i guess – for translations. This was announced on this forum by Andy.
    But you’re right @djpaul, the url was never populated or mentionned since, except perhaps on Codex (de profondis). Same thing for Glotpress. I worked whith it at the beginning, but was rapidly tired by copy/pasting and some bugs.
    Glotpress could be usefull in a collaborative perspective, not for a one man work. It’s faster to translate offline with poEdit. Without saying that i can rapidly jump to my archives, control the final output and so on. My browser is not a office, despite look alike sometimes.
    In my point of view, the above url is the best repository for mo files, with sorted versions and fast zipped download.

    FYI, the i18n exist also for wordpress and is really used by many translators.

    I also don’t know how things proceed. I translate BP in french since 2008/12 without any instruction,, except the invite to use the i18n trac for better translation access.

    That said, does BP already need translation ? The pot file is the only thing you need to proceed. Because the software is very customisable, a standard translation is not very usefull, because 3/4 of the words can be customized too, to fit a unique BP project.

    You can import .pot files onto GlotPress, so I don’t think that’s a problem. And, yes, of course BuddyPress needs translation. :)

    I am going to pick up this issue and investigate. I will update on here and on in due course.



    Pot file is not the problem ;-) Pot files are automaticaly created on trunk each time a file is updated. Creating pot file on Glotpress is not a problem, because Glotpress imports this file from bp Trac.

    The “problem” is writing a po file (not pot, but po). Do we write it on Glotpress or do we write it at home on poEdit for example and push it to i18n Trac or do we use both ?

    In my mind this doesn’t matter as long as an updated mo file is avaible somewhere. The unique question is, where is somewhere ? Of course it must be a place knowed by BP users. The existing i18n is a good place to be. Must only be more visible on

    The other problem are the translators themselves. Polyglot discussion list is essentially devoted to wordpress, and as you know, BP user are constantly busy (and honnestly not so numerous as WP users), so its a bit difficult to built translators teams or find a goodwill in (ie.) Farsi or (ie.) Croatian language…

    And as you know also, working a long time without feedback is demotivative, frustrating and leads to abandon.

    @djpaul FYI i answered here:

    Sorry, that’s what I meant (I’m not very well-versed in this area, yet). It appears validator users import .po files. From

    Importing external files

    There may be the case where a validator needs to import translations from an external file (current supported formats are .po, .android and .rrc). When the file is imported, only untranslated strings will be written. Also, if the imported file contains original strings not present in GlotPress’ list, those strings will be ignored.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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