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Where is functions for do_action ?

  • Hi,
    I’m searching to put a pixel when user is registered and a variable in url is true.
    So I want to put in the activation url a new variable but i’m complety lost in register.php. I can’t find the action who send email about activation and when i’m searching action like “bp_before_registration_confirmed” in all project, I find nothing.
    Can you help me please ?

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  • Roger Coathup


    This will tell you about hook and action programming in WordPress:

    The do_action() calls are there for you to add your own hook functions, and in some cases will also invoke hook functions that BuddyPress / Themes / other plugins have added.

    You can add your own hook function that is called when the do_action ‘bp_before_registration_confirmed’ is invoked. You use add_action to add your actions.

    Thanks for your reply Roger Coathup,
    I’m not a developper expert, so if i have to create my own action for sending a email with a new variable in the url activation, I have to read before how the first action is made. And I can’t find it :)

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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