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Where to activate BuddyPress to get a Network like this?

  • American2020


    I want to have a Network where the registered users can get their own sites (That I have done already by installing WordPress Multisites)

    Now I want to have BuddyPress so all the registered users can use Groups, Messaging and more.

    What I’m not sure, where should I activate Buddypress? On the Network (site.domain/wp-admin/network/plugins.php) or only on the Main Site (site.domain/wp-admin/plugins.php)?

    I also want (And had problems getting this to work before) that on the main site, for example when someone goes into the Activity page, you can not only see there when they create a Group, or publish some message, but also if they posted an entry on theirs sites, that shows also on that Activity page.

    Hope you can clarify my what steps to follow to get a site like that working.

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  • mrjarbenne


    On a multisite, you activate BuddyPress Network wide, and it then exists as a Social Network on the main domain (it doesn’t affect your multisite otherwise, and subdomains or subdirectories — depending on how you have set things up — will not be able to create their own social networks). Once activated, BP will track your users’ activity across the entire network (comments they leave on other blogs, posts they create, etc.)

    2015 06 03 20 55 24

    Once activated, go into Network Admin/Settings/BuddyPress, and make sure that Site Tracking is enabled to get the full benefit. Users will need to be subscribers on the main domain in order to contribute: a role they should be assigned automatically when they are registered.



    OMG Thanks mrjarbenne 😀 Now it works. Thanks a lot.

    One thing I don’t understand/like why each member of the Network has now access to the BuddyPress Configs? I would prefer they not touching that. Plus they can also create Activity/Groups/Members Pages on they sites, I don’t like that, I would like all that to be centered on the root domain only, same for registration page and activation page. (Perhaps I activate too many options and I should uncheck one of them?)

    I will add screenshots of the steps I followed so anyone having same issues can see how to get it to work, thanks to mrjarbenne steps 😉

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    Ups, let me answer myself.

    I had this on wp-config.php

    define( ‘BP_ENABLE_MULTIBLOG’, true );

    Just remove it and “my problem” solved. Now Network members dont see BuddyPress configs 😉

    My bad 😀

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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