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Where/how to download the latest bleeding edge beta?

  • peterverkooijen


    I have no clue what this means:

    Subversion Access

    svn co

    I know it’s supposed to be a secret for the initiated, but is there a way us dumb people can download the latest beta version? Without having to do it one page at a time?

    How close are the latest files to a 1.2 release?

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  • Lots of theme development and fixes still going on. What you need first of all is an SVN client. I don’t know which OS you run, so I can’t suggest a specific client.

    I had been doing SVN checkouts (i.e. svn co) from the command line in Mac OS X… but I still had to install a subversion binary before I could do that… or compile one from source. And even with a GUI SVN client you may still need to do that. Not impossible for a newbie with a bit of help from Google… but not necessarily a fun way to spend an afternoon either. LOL.

    Then I discovered that I could simply use a plain old GUI FTP client and point it to using the “WebDav” protocol! Very simple. I can download the trunk just with drag and drop. And to see what revision number we’re on… I just point my web browser to the same URL. By the way, I’m using Panic’s “Transmit” FTP client on the Mac.



    Thanks David Lewis. I’ve entered into CuteFTP and that works surprisingly well. It also seems to give me access to anything else on…

    Andrea Rennick


    Guys, trac has a zip archive of everything. No need for learning svn if you’re just checking it out occasionally.

    Bookmark this page:

    Scroll to the bottom where it says

    “Download in other formats:

    * Zip Archive”

    Click on “zip archive”.

    Peter’s been around these forums for a while, so he might be wanting to move to a svn checkout to make life easier

    Of course… my option only allows you to grab the files. You can’t see any of the commit messages as you could with an actual SVN client. But I’m assuming most of us just want to get the files for our staging server.

    You know… I clicked around on trac before… and I have never for the life of me seen that zip download link! Could they make it any less obvious?! LOL. Good to know tho! Thanks. Nice to see the comments too. In the past, I’ve tried using svnX for Mac… with very little luck and a whole lot of headaches.

    Andrea Rennick


    good to know. :) Still getting familiar with the regulars. ;)

    Yeah David, it’s a link a lot of people miss.

    I sure missed it. It’s not like I haven’t viewed the trac before. I’ve even submitted bugs :) I feel a little dumb now! But thanks again. Easier than launching my FTP client.

    Donald McIntyre


    I am not developer and I am sufficiently silly to touch code, files, and similar. I have burnt myself several times, but a few times I have resolved things! But I canĀ“t change so my question is: shall I copy the files of the last trunk to the buddypress 1.2.8 folder replacing the old ones and put it live?

    Hugo Ashmore



    You never take a trunk , bleeding edge, nightly build or whatever one may refer to current in development code and use it on a production server/ live site.

    1.2.8 is the current stable version to run the trunk when ready will be tagged as 1.3 and released, before then only download trunk and use it in a test environment.

    btw this is a very old thread to resurrect.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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