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Why 2 blogs act like "catch-all"?

  • AndreMartin


    I originally posted this article in the WPMU forum but could not find any solution yet. Given the BuddyPress integration, it was thus suggested to post it here as well.

    Running WPMU 2.8.4, BuddyPress 1.0.3.

    First few blogs were created with WPMU 2.6 and then the system was upgraded through every single release (final, not beta or RC).

    I did not use the “dashboard” function to catch all new users as subscribers until today, thus they went all to blog ID 1.

    So much for the setup. Now from this I get 2 different, yet eerily similar problems:

    A) Blog ID 1 remains “catch-all”

    When adding “dashboard” as the new “blog for all new users”, it successfully imported all users from blog ID 1 as supposed to. But it did not remove the users from blog ID 1 so I did that manually.

    Now whenever anyone logs in on the site’s frontpage (which is blog ID 1), they are automatically added again as “contributor” to blog ID 1. (blog settings are “subscriber” btw)

    Problem: I thought that would not be the case anymore after using “dashboard” function? How to stop that?

    B) One other blog shows identical behavior

    Only 1 other blog shows the same behavior as above despite only being an ordinary blog with no special settings nor assigned rules. Whenever a logged-in (to the site in general) user visits that particular blog, (s)he will be added as a “contributor” to that blog as well (despite “subscriber” setting). One remark about this blog: it’s the only one that was disabled since WPMU 2.6 and got reactivated in 2.8.4 (but I ran the “Update” function again after the reactivation).

    Problem: this blog should behave the same like any other blog: *not* adding all logged-in visitors.

    Some guesses:

    The blog in point B) was created before BuddyPress installation so I thought it might have missed an upgrade or so *but* blog ID 1 was of course created before BuddyPress as well.

    Could it be because the blog was disabled? But then why does it share the same problem with blog ID 1?

    I’m puzzled by the similarity of this problem and although I’ve found many solutions scratching the topic, I couldn’t find anything that matched the description.

    Additional information:

    Site Admin -> Options -> Dashboard:

    – Blog: “dashboard”

    – Role: “Subscriber”

    Note: dashboard.sitedomain sends user to login page and back to their own dashboard, as supposed to.

    Re “stray mu-plugins”:

    Already checked the mu-plugin folder for that. Nothing I could think of which would (by my intention) have such changes nor remember to have modified.

    I could delete and recreate the blog with a new ID, that should solve “the other blog” issue.

    But that still leaves me with the blog ID 1 problem of everyone still/also being signed up there.

    Should I go ahead and recreate the blog to see how it goes?

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  • John James Jacoby


    In the current stable version of BuddyPress (1.0.3) changing the root blog from 1 to anything else still works in a few funky ways. There is a proposed fix for this (from me) in the trac but it is pending more bug fixes for 1.0.4 (which may get trumped by 1.1 at this rate.)

    Basically what I imagine is happening, is that when users sign up, they are given access to the dashboard blog like you specify, but they are given the contributor rights to blog_id = 1 because BuddyPress assumes “1” instead of BP_ROOT_BLOG.

    Basically, you’re stuck for the time being. You can apply my proposed fix but it’s pending testing and review so I’d suggest not using it live if you can help it.



    Your explanation theoretically solves the blog ID 1 issue, if it applies not just during “signup” but also during “logged-in visit”.

    But it still leaves open the question for why one of the many “normal” blogs acts the same as blog ID 1 in terms of adding every logged-in visitor as a contributor.

    So based on your information, I just leave it for blog ID 1 and remove users once in a while manually – at least the new dashboard blog already works as well. Furthermore, I will just rebuild with a new ID the affected “normal” blog as it then should act as any other one recently created. Let’s see how that goes…



    Just reporting:

    I deleted the “other blog” and recreated it: no more problems.

    Regarding the blog ID 1 issue, new users are *not* added to “dashboard” blog (as subscriber) at all, they still go all straight to blog ID 1. The dashboard function is totally ignored other than for its manual import when activating it for the first time.

    Waiting for the next patch then.

    John James Jacoby


    What you’re experiencing now sounds normal considering how it’s currently programmed to be.

    BP1.1 fixes this with a patch similar to mine.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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