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Why not focus on more important core social network features?

  • Hi.

    Just some comments and feedback….

    I really liked Buddypress, it’s one of the nicest looking and easily customizable social networking application. I really hate to criticize an open source community project so heavily, but why isn’t there a focus on more core aspects of social networking?

    For example, privacy. Privacy is a major social networking issue for a decade, there should be privacy features one out-of-the-box instead of relying on incompatible plugins. Instead of focusing on useless things such as forums, it would have been much wiser to focus on privacy instead among other things…

    Member search. There is none!?! Seriously. What’s the point of a social network if you cannot search for people!!

    First name? Cannot input? Why? To accommodate Asians or whomever don’t have a first name in their culture. Seriously?! Guess they’ve been fine on Facebook so far…

    It’s such a shame that a very cool looking application lacks soo much….

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  • John James Jacoby


    Thanks for the feedback. Contributions are always welcome.



    Yeah agree . There should be good few options specially Pay for Premium Membership at the registration or after with PayPal . That will help alot .



    I’d say forums have been *the* backbone of online communities since shortly after the birth of the internet. Focusing on them has brought BP a lot of success and I’d like to see more development there.

    I’ve faced some privacy issues in trying to setup an LMS – Schools have strict policies on what information is available to the public about their students (nothing!). It isn’t too hard to close the /members directory to the public or ensure users viewing a profile are logged in. It would be nice to have this as a default feature though.

    I agree with a front end member search. BP is geared for niche communities and that’s one feature that would help BP graduate to being useful to communities of 100 or 1000+.

    Paypal integration should definitely be the job of a plugin. I’ve also got a use for that feature – donating members having an icon beside their name and such. I haven’t found a plugin to do that but it would be pretty easy to make – paypal can pass back confirmation of payment completion which would change profile metadata, then just add a little if statement to profile templates.

    Derek Melo


    Nice one!

    I think that should exist more admin bar options.

    Because like on facebook, some important features that all users access are on the admin bar, and there’s no custom option to that… Imagine if we could choose what is going to appear at the admin bar like the activity stream as an icon, just like on facebook, it would save a lot of time of admins to change the CSS, functions.php and alot of other files to get what we want!

    BuddyPress just ROCKS!!!! But I think if the BP purpose was more simple, several important tools in social networks would be implemented in the project. Think Simple is the key in my opinion…



    @derek-melo While, their is no front end interface for it (though, i’m sure afew plugins will popup) It’s VERY easy to modify the admin bar/toolbar in the 1.6 trunk of buddypress. :)

    @jack-v I agree, privacy is a required component that needs to come out sooner than later. Afew people ( @cnorris23) have been working on privacy –
    Feel free to jump in and help contribute :)



    I’m very happy with the way Buddypress is being developed and I think those who are doing so are doing an excellent job.

    I think some of the people who are complaining about certain features not being present should be adopt a more constructive attitude. Things like member search are fairly straightforward to add yourself with plugins and hooks.

    To all working on Buddypress I say keep up the great work, guys.

    Secrets of Safety


    @notpoppy – I think this section of the forums is for feedback and suggestions.

    You might want to go to another section to admonish people against making suggestions. What’s that all about? Buddypress is a good plugin, agreed and everyone here is expressing that.

    However, when a section is set up for “feedback” that’s what they will get.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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