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Widget CSS Problem

  • Hello!

    I’ve installed Buddypress into my own theme, which turned out nice! The problem is, all of my widgets look a little ‘off’. For example, and even the main one I’ve been trying to figure out, is the ‘Recently Active Member Avatars’ over to the right. Looks great with everything side-by-side, but on my site, it breaks them down and puts each avatar on a new line. So, I’m lost. lol

    What have I not done to integrate the Buddypress CSS into my themes? Or do I need to move files somewhere? I’m certain the problem is that the widgets aren’t getting the CSS they’re looking for.

    Thanks to everyone for your help! :)

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  • @mercime


    You would just have to copy and customize styling from and add the following in your theme’s style.css
    – from line 52 to 55, the from line 227 to line 238

    Thanks for your reply! :)

    I tried it and it’s far closer than it was before, but it still sets the avatars a little off. Now, they are side-by-side, but they drop down a couple of pixels, each one. See how they’re straight, side-by-side, over there. On my site, the second one is down a pixel, then the third is down a pixel more than the second, etc.

    I’ve carried over a lot of the CSS from the default.css file (which has vastly improved the site experience).

    UPDATE: I’ve gotten even closer, but now all of my sidebar widgets titles are unstyled (don’t know why it’s not reading it..) and every item is a ‘list item’, with the list circle to the left of it..

    Thanks so much for your time and help, it’s making my site work far better with Buddypress.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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