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Widget logic 1.2

  • Does anyone know a plugin, that let’s me show different widgets on different parts of this theme (example: in profile, startpage, directories)? So far I used TS custom widgets in my “normal” blogs, but as far as I get it, I would need certain pages etc to show it. But no pages like that in BP-Themes… Any solutions/ideas? Thanks already!

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  • jivany


    Did you try widget logic?

    Crafting the correct logic might be the tricky part but the plugin is fantastic for controlling when to display (or not display) any widget.

    Hmmm – yes, this plugin sounds logic :-) (and would be the forum-titel… :-). That is exactly the question, for I am not a php-guru. Can anyone point me in the right direction, who that would work with buddypress (example: how could I show a widget with that plugin just on a users profile…?)

    David Carson


    bp_is_my_profile() should work if you are only trying to show a widget on a user’s own profile.



    One way is

    if (bp_is_profile_component()) {
    include ('profile.php');

    where profile.php is widgetized and you can add the widget in your dashboard’s Appearance > Widget panel. Are you using 1.2 bp-default theme or bp-sn-parent theme?

    Btw, if you use conditional statements for bp themes, do not add a standalone is_page() – need to add page ID/slug/name within () – otherwise it will override conditional statement for bp_is_profile_component() and other conditional statements for other BP-generated pages.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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