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Widgets not showing up on all pages

  • I’m using the “fishbook” theme and I made a text widget for google adsense. However it only shows up on the main page and nowhere else but it looks like the space is still there… Please advise. Same with the footer. I assume the issue is the same.

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  • @mercime


    I just checked fishbook, a child theme of bp-default theme with one sidebar. There should be no deterrents to getting your widgets to show up in sidebar. What if you add a “Members” widget or a regular text widget e.g. About, me? These should show up in sidebar of whole site.

    All of the main component widgets appear on all pages however when I make a text widget of any type they only seem to show on the main page. However the space is still there on the other pages but it’s blank. My site. you can see this. Same with the footer. I added an adsense code to the footer php and it only shows on the main. I must be missing something. I appreciate the help.



    == when I make a text widget of any type they only seem to show on the main page. ==

    That is strange, I see no evidence of a text widget in the home page nor in the inside pages, did you already delete the text widget?

    Troubleshooting –
    1. Deactivate ALL plugins except BuddyPress. Now add text widget – not Adsense, just a regular one – and I believe the regular text widgets will show up in all pages. It might just be that your Adsense plugin is not working as expected or has got a conflict with other plugins installed in your site.
    2. Deactivate ALL plugins except the Google Adsense plugin and change theme to default twentyten theme. Add the adsense widget. If the Ads don’t show up, then you have to resolve this issue at the forums and reference whichever Google Adsense plugin you are using

    Thanks I’ll give it a shot. I did try to not use the adsense pluton and just paste the adsense code into a text widget. I have the same problem. I will try your suggestions.

    Hi. The same problem…. @zfrost Could you solve it?
    Sometimes the ads appear and sometimes not. I tried most of the plugins for adding google adsense to wordpress, and no ones works fine.
    I also tried to put the code in to the right sidebar with html text and nothing…
    Any idea?

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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