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Wire & Activity

  • I was looking at BP database. So if i were to post a wire i would need to add entry to wp_bp_xprofile_wire table. item_id is the wire id belong to the user you write on. item_id=user id of the wire owner. Then, i would have to add entry to wp_bp_activity_sitewide for the activity feed. I wonder what’s the use of component_name and the list of it? Can I add something new to it as my custom component?

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  • For posting on a profile wire yes. On a profile wire:

    item_id = user_id for the user you are posting a wire message to.

    The wire messages are stored in wp_bp_xprofile_wire.

    However, the wire component is generic and can be used on anything at all. For instance it’s used for groups:

    item_id = group_id and messages are stored in the table ‘wp_bp_groups_wire’.

    The purpose for component_name in the activity tables is for formatting. It will use the component_name to match a formatting function in the code, that will turn an activity entry into something readable and that you can print to the screen.



    Is there any chance for adding media activity feed like Facebook (news feed) or add tinymce feature to wire?

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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