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Wire Posts in bp 1.2

  • balbert


    Is it still possible to write on someone’s activity feed directly now that wire and activity are merged in bp 1.2?

    If so, how?

    We were going to use the wire as a person’s “wall” ala facebook, but now with just the activity feed, it appears you can only reply or comment on someone’s activity but not start a post on the activity page/list.

    Is it still possible to have a wire in 1.2?

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  • abcde666



    nuff said…..


    Arx Poetica


    You guys are all off topic and I’m going to steer it back to ground one. :p

    I see the point about @messages *not* showing up on other peeps profile pages, it makes sense *IN SOME SCENARIOS.*

    However, I know an awful lot of people who LIKE the Facebook feature of posting on a person’s wall and having it show up.

    I understand the wire has been gutter, deleted, deprecated, *AND I LIKE THAT* and I also like that the activity streams are unifying the action.

    BUT I STILL THINK THERE OUGHT TO BE A WAY TO POST TO A PERSON’S PROFILE PAGE. I suppose someone (me?) could build a plugin, but why can’t this be native functionality? One might even have the option in the admin panel to turn such a feature on or off.

    Why is the core team resisting this feature? Do you ever use Facebook? Most people I know who use Facebook *really like this feature,* and I can imagine many people getting frustrated @buddypress w/ the lack of such a thing.

    Arx Poetica


    Btw, I agree w/ much of what else has been suggested.



    Thanks for brining back the original discussion, I totally forgot about it :D I absolutely agree that it should be possible to publish a message in someone his activity stream, and Facebook nails this aspect.

    for example:

    When I sent my friend Arx a message on his stream it shows up on my stream like this:

    “You said to Arx: How are you doing?”

    And it shows on Arx his stream:

    “Bowe said to you: How are you doing?”

    When others visit my profile they see my activity and also the public message I sent to Arx. But this message/action does not get added to the sitewide activity stream of all my friends and Arx his friends..

    This makes it somewhat a semi-public message (it’s on both your activity streams, but not added to the site wide stream or friends stream) but this allows people to have public conversations profile to profile in a way which is not confusing.

    I think this is the best way to handle the situation, and the most easy to pick up on.

    Arx Poetica


    OH GOL. It just clicked. I get it. It’s not *THEIR PROFILE* — it’s *THEIR ACTIVITY* —

    Okay, this makes sense. So, it is what it is, I guess. You wouldn’t *post* to somebody else’s activity.

    IT’S NOT FACEBOOK, for sure, I get it now. And (changing tune sorta here), I might even think it’s a better model.

    HOWEVER, that being said, I think there will be a lot of people *still frustrated* at such a feature seemingly being missing…”why can’t I post to this person’s profile???” I still think there ought to be an approach to this that approximates closely enough what Facebook is doing without compromising the social-stack friendly and perhaps better-than-Facebook model of activity streams.

    </quickly pulls foot out of mouth>




    Here’s my suggestion – @mentions tab on a displayed user’s profile.

    This solves all concerns about the deprecated wire component.

    What does everyone think?




    I was originally thinking along the same line as you. Just filter the @mentions not just for us, but for everyone to see in a tab on everybody’s profile page, right?

    However when you really think about it, it’s really kind of redundant. Why would you do that if say you could’ve gone to that person’s profile page, clicked on their @mentions tab and post your message there, without ever trying to figure out what their username is. I mean per se, the @mentions tab will eventually turn into a wall-like tab, right? Typing @ might be an incentive because it is a shortcut without visiting that person’s profile page prior to writing them something. But it is only for people whose usernames you are familiar with.

    Actually, it could be a capturing area for both. Either messages with an @ tag or messages posted on that tab will be there. This would be a better implementation. And obviously users should be notified of both when they arrive.

    Edit: There is already a solution up there. Put the @username out of the message box (like sending a personal message), and let a message box on the profile page’s @mentions tab behave the same way. Clicking “Send a Public Message” should bring you to that @mentions tab on their profile. Done! This is solved =D



    I’m glad we seem to have a solution for this, that my users will understand!

    An ‘@mentions’ tab, which in future can include not only status updates but also media uploads the persons been tagged in, and blog posts (think @username as a tag, w/ WPMU sitewide tags…)

    When I open that tab, it would be nice to have a text box ready for me to type into… A bit more like the FB wall, but still keeping the @mention model.

    Please please please lets make this a priority for the 1.2 release! IMHO the functionality is pretty unusable to regular users without this fix.



    +1 @Hempsworth.

    It needs to be a priority. Including other tagged media would be nice too.

    Arx Poetica


    One might say an @mention tab could/would perform a search results set, that is, one has searched for @individual, and this is the results. Such a tab, then, would be a quick link/button to this exact set result.

    @twocents :p




    Exactly my thought. And while we’re at it, it would be great if there is a global activity search too. Or maybe the sort of unified search that FB has. =)

    I actually removed the search from my theme because of the fact that it’s scoped. To fussy and confusing for my non-techie users.

    There is already a global activity search, but it is not available in the template. It would be really quite simple to build a plugin to add this, and to add an extra @mentions tab for each user.

    My suggestion would be that these are built as plugins to see how people react before putting it into the core. It is too late for these additions in 1.2.

    Arx Poetica


    Just noticed that this is fixed on –> and implemented *very* nicely.

    MAJOR PROPS to the core development group for listening to and responding to concerns from the community. I think the solutions — the “mention this user” button instead of the other alternatives considered, and the @usermentions tab — are really, really good.

    Also, the little help “?” drop down next to the profile identifier (the one that reads “@username is a unique identifier for User that you can type into any message on this site…”) is also a great idea and a wonder. :)

    PROPS AND KUDOS! Seriously. Great job.

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