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WordPress 3.0 + BuddyPress and Activity Stream as Front Page (possible fix?)

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  • @arunbasillal it works. Thanks for this temporary solutions. Hope BP will have official fix..



    Updated patch commited by JJJ:

    Thanks for updating r-a-y. I wonder what the actual solution is as JJJ has just firmed up the hack?.

    @arunbaaillal that solution does work but only by dint of the fact that this what you can always do with WP, state a template page to be used as front. do you not think it would be better to add the patch to your functions file then you would have a workaround that works for the moment quite satisfactorily.

    OK – for a non-developer (sorry!) – can someone provide a step-by-step? Do you just add this patch to functions.php?

    John James Jacoby


    Sean, if you can wait a few more days an updated version of BP will be released to fix this issue and a few others.



    Thanks @johnjamesjacoby

    @arunbasillal good share. That’s what I’d do to make home page “future-proof” for BP 1.2 series – all bets are off for BP 1.3 :-)



    Hi peeps. I’m having a similar problem, but not sure if its exactly the same thing, my activity page is not the first page, nor do I want it. I’m using a custom theme designed in Artisteer, and the activity is not showing up. If I use the default buddypress theme, then the activity shows up.

    Any ideas?




    Thanks for the fix ray using that file worked like a charm! I have my Wire back ;)

    I’d already added that patch but separate to that under 3.0 and the latest 1.2.5 the activity (in the home page of only seems to include the top level blog activity.

    Activity Streams are set to work across the whole site (just one other test blog for now).

    Can anyone suggest a reason?




    I to had the 404 error when trying to show the activity stream on the home page. I already upgraded to WP 3.0 and BP 1.25 and things were working fine. I found this thread and installed the patch. Now it won’t let me change anything and only the activity stream shows up on the home page. When trying to access my home page it now forwards to the activity stream. Is there a way to get it to stop forwarding? I have tried re-installing the functions.php file from and even deleting the patch from the current functions file.

    My site is Notice how it forwards to I have the settings set at Front Page Displays: Your Latest Posts.

    Any help would be appreciated.



    thanks @Ray, the patch really helped

Viewing 12 replies - 26 through 37 (of 37 total)
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