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WordPress to WordPress MU

  • rooseveltrp



    I am a little bit confused with how BuddyPress is supposed to work. I have a blog running WordPress.

    I wish to add a social networking layer, like BuddyPress promises, but its asking for WordPress MU.

    So, if I am not mistaking I have to upgrade my WordPress Site to WordPress MU, and then setup BuddyPress?

    Is there any specific guide or an article that can assist me in making the move?

    I am not interested in subhosting blogs, just add a social networking layer to my current blog.

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  • r-a-y


    roseeveltrp, you’re correct!

    You need WordPress MU.

    BuddyPress only works with MU at this moment in time.

    Some day down the road BuddyPress will support regular WordPress, but not now.

    Here’s a good guide for transitioning from WordPress standard to MU:

    It helped me!

    Jeff Sayre


    If you are not in a hurry then I would recommend waiting for awhile. At some point, BuddyPress will be configured to function on single-user WordPress. I do not have a timeline for this as it has to do with merger of the WPMU codebase into WP.



    Andy on WordCamp 2009 in Italy (Milan) says “before christmas” :)

    I believe the WP/WPMU merge isn’t being released until WP 3.0. So yes before Christmas sounds realistic.



    Thanks for the information guys, really appreciate it.

    There’s still a little confusion in my head, lol :p.

    My blog is at

    So, should I install WordPress Mu at or something like, and then control the blog at from under, and install buddypress under

    Is this how it’s supposed to be setup?

    Install it on, assuming you’re not currently using the domain for anythign else.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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