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Work Around For Disabling E-Mail Activation

  • xxxTRISTAMxxx


    I found a work around for buddypress that will stop spam and it is work around…not perfect, but it works. Here are the steps….

    (1) Install the following plugin

    (2) Setup the plugin by checking off all the settings

    (3) Goto Buddypress settings ….select “Pages – Activate”

    (4) Set Activate Page as “None”

    (5) Create a standard wordpress page “Activation Notice” and add some text (ie: Your membership is awaiting approval by the Administrator with 48 hours. You will not be able to fully interact with the social aspects of this website until your account is approved. Once approved or denied you will receive an email notice.

    The results as follows:

    (1) Person will register and get the typical “Sign up Complete” message.

    (2) The Admin will get a “Member Request” Message

    (3) The user will get the standard “Activation E-Mail” which take the user to the “Activation Notice Page” that you created

    (4) When you login as admin to wordpress buddypress site goto…..

    BP Registration on Dashboard = You will see the 2 “Pending” User waiting for approval or denial

    Users on Dashboard ….. All Users = You will see 2 “Pending” User waiting for activation or deletion

    Now why 2 not just one….I am not sure why…it isn’t perfect. However, if you denial “User” from the BP Registration you will also need to delete user from the “User” Section as well.

    This isn’t perfect and you still will get an e-mail activation notice sent but it DOES NOT activate the account by the user. The Admin will have 100% control over who is or isn’t accepted as member and it stops the spam.

    I hope this helps and it also works without messing with code and such.


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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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