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WP & BP I cant create users or groups, reloads to blank page.

  • Hi.

    Wordpress version:3.3.2
    Buddypress version:1.5.5

    As the Summary says, i cant create users or groups, im experiencing the same problem with them both. Im filling in group information as i should, pressing next, the page reloads and clears the previous information i typed in, nothing ends up in the database either.

    I have read some stuff after searching on Google, but nothing that helps.

    HEELP ME! :)


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  • Users? users are a WP function so if you can’t create users (Assuming that you have allowed registrations in WP settings) then you have to fix that issue first before worrying about BP issues. As for the BP group issue are you using the bp-default theme or a third party one? if a third party theme deactivate it and run the standard BP theme and see if things work with that theme if they do you have an issue with your third party theme and either need to talk to the author or perhaps actually run through the process of making it BP compatible – check the BP Codex for guides.

    Hi. Ok, i will take a look on the User part first before starting with the Group issue. Atm i dont have the Standard BP theme, but if i recall correct it didnt work with the standard theme either. I will though switch back and try again. If it still dont work ill head over to the BP Codex site.

    Ill update l8r on how it goes.

    Ty for info Hugo!


    Hi. I just found out that when i use the theme PageLine, i can register new users. AND thas only because PageLine uses WP’s own user registration. When i change to for example use BuddyPress Default 1.5.5, that does not use WP’s own user registration, i cant register a user.

    So, what can be wrong now? what makes the BuddyPress Default 1.5.5 theme not being able to register users?(i guess this applies for groups aswell)

    You can try it yourself, goto i have activated the BuddyPress Default 1.5.5 theme.


    What exactly isn’t happening, true BP has it’s own process to register a user but it registers the user as a WP user as that is the only type of user. I see you have the register page for BP working so where is the breakdown?

    Lets type a scenario, im a new user visiting
    1. I press “Skapa ett konto” (=register a user)
    2. Im sent to the register page,, where im asked to type in Username, email etc
    3. when i have typed all the info required, i press “Slutför Registrering” (=complete registration)
    4. the page reloads and i end up at, with all the info i just typed in all cleared out.

    Hopefully this explained the issue im facing.



    I need help fixing this, dunno what to do!! i have googled everyhing i can think of!!


    And you haven’t made any changes to the the register file at all – it’s stock standard BP file, permalinks are all working correctly, you have no plugins running that might affect things, in fact basic testing is to disable any plugins that aren’t necessary – perhaps even swap back to en-us try and get your install as close as possible to BP out of the box.

    okey, ill try to install a new WP next to the one i have atm, and install with en-us BP.


    dammit! does not work with EN-US either.

    It’s like the Complete Sign Up button says something like this:

    IF (Sign Up Complete == true) { send back to }

    its very very very strange.

    Is there any more info i can extract etc for you?


    it’s supposed to set bp_get_current_signup_step() to ‘completed-signup’ and that value is checked and if returns true then it should run the ‘Sign Up Complete’ heading so it sounds as though that function is not returning that string but why escapes me.

    What more can i do?

    Can i send over the files for you to check if something is fishy?

    Should i create a Ticket in your tracker?

    Brandon Allen


    Do you have cookies enabled?

    Good point, cookies and referrers are necessary.

    So, i have to enable cookies on the server side? I’m using IIS7, so in IIS7 somewhere i have to enable cookes for wordpress?

    no, cookies are browser based the application sets them but your browser can block them.

    If on IIS I wonder if you have ‘Almost Pretty Permalinks set up correctly’? permalinks and .htaccess are fundamental to the manner in which BP & WP functions, IIS does not work with standard re-write engine you find with Apache and has to use a third party module to provide the functionality – more on that can be read over on the WP Codex.

    Im looking at some plugins for permalinks etc atm.
    Just thought that if i post how i have the permalink structure now, you might say “WHAT, thats wrong” :-)

    WP setting: /%postname%/

    BP: How do i look what i have set up for BP? Cant see it in the regular BP settings.


    YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! got damn we found a plugin that made the trick.


    Found it on this link :

    But ofcourse i run into a new problem :), Now i have to make the email function work :)

    Thanksfor the help so far!


    Was going to post this link as it might have helped – if you have any choice in the matter try changing to a LAMP setup it’s really a lot less stressful :)

    email is a function of your server, people do take a shortcut and try and skirt around issues with plugins but really one you should try and sort out at sever level.

Viewing 18 replies - 1 through 18 (of 18 total)
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