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WP dev: Where to start with BuddyPress plugin development

  • pepijndevos



    I’m familiair with WordPress and have developed numerous themes and plugins for it.

    I’m looking for a good place to start with BuddyPress.

    I can get started myself installing the thing, but I need to add some features to it.

    It seems the documentation is sparse and the dummies book does not contain any PHP code.

    A few things I need to do:

    * Add endpoints to posts and status updates, for different actions and formats like xml or embed code.

    * Extend statuses: I need like custom status types, with images and other custom fields.

    * Some functionality offered by StatusNet and Twitter, but not (yet) by BuddyPress.

    * Make some WordPress plugins work for separate users and with my custom status type.

    * More tailored integration with social networks.

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  • Jeff Sayre


    Start with the Skeleton Component and the BP developer’s Codex.



    What exactly is a component?

    Am I just supposed to start reading the function reference and some code and try to understand?

    Most articles I found there seem mere stubs that only make sense when you know what you’re looking at.

    When I started with WordPress I kind of rolled into it and looked some things up when I needed them etc.

    For WordPress there are 2 excellent guides to get you started developing plugins and themes.

    With BuddyPress I have absolutely no sense about what it does, how it works from the inside and where to start.

    Aren’t there any books or tutorials to get started developing in an easy way?

    Boone Gorges


    BuddyPress is still young and so it doesn’t have the same kind of rich development guides as the much more mature (and widely-used) WordPress.

    Since BP is a WP plugin, the basics of BP plugin development are the same as they are for WP. The system of hooks and filters is exactly the same (though of course the hooks themselves are different).

    At this point in the BP project, I’ve found that the best ways to get started with plugin development are (a) to find existing BP plugins that do something similar to what you’re trying to do, and to learn by dissecting them; (b) to look through official resources like the ones Jeff posted above; and (c) to search through BP codebase itself, where I think you’ll find that many of the functions you need are quite well documented.

    (d) And when you come across a technical issue you can’t resolve, chat up a sexy BuddyPress developer on #buddypress-dev on irc.freenode.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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