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wpmu_create_blog domain issue with wpmu 2.9.1 & latest BP trunk?

  • Lawrence


    Hey guys,

    Just noticed this after trying out the latest trunk of BP with WPMU 2.91…

    On bp-blogs-templatetags.php when a blog is created in bp_blogs_validate_blog_signup, surely we should be using $current_site->domain as opposed to $domain when wpmu_create_blog is executed?

    The reason is because I have a test domain which uses http://www., however $domain in wp-settings.php slices this off, so all user created blogs are set to “” as opposed to “www.mysite/userblog”.

    At the moment this is creating a mismatch between the main blog, and subsequent user blogs, which means cookies are invalid when flicking between them.

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  • WPMU doesn’t support www prefixes which is why I suspect this was done the way it is. i.e.



    ahhh, makes sense. Thanks Paul – ’tis a shame as I’ve always been used to the www prefix. Wonder if they’ll make it an option in future WPMU’s? Something to take up with them I guess :)



    This no-www prefixes for WPMU would most probably be resolved after the merge of WP and WPMU codebases in WP 3.0. Personally, I prefer no-www in WPMU installs and enforce no-www in single WP installs :-)

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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