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WPMUDEV Theme question for someone?

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  • why are you coming in here at first to require support on something not related to this site?? is the place to go for support about wpmudev stuff…



    @nexia If you would have bothered to read his post, it is regarding a BP theme, so it would make sense to ask here as well, since theme developers do exist here.

    @gsmith6673 No I personally haven’t.



    didn’t mean to ruffle the feathers in your cap there…

    sometimes the coders don’t have a particularly keen sense of design and the designers have a bit of a challenge understanding why they can’t have it their way…

    If you’ve noticed, the really slick designs are also very functional and do a good job of combining both elements, code and scale/design.

    If you visit my site: and peek into a profile page (or the image i posted above) you’ll notice that you’ll have to scroll up and down the page just to see the profile options. IMHO they should be placed within easy sight of the profile…without having to do a ton of scrolling or searching all over the screen for profile function icons. Too much wasted space…

    Boone Gorges


    Have a look at how it’s done here on (at least on the CSS end of things). The nav li items are floated to the left.

    As for the PHP, you might have to play around with where the userbar and optionsbar are called in header.php of your child theme. Most of the work is done in the CSS though – the markup is pretty flexible.

    Gary I have to say your site is a great example of how WPMU and BP can benefit a community with a shared interest.

    Back to your question… have you been watching the development of the new BP theme framework at I think that has what you’re looking for. I was just out here looking to see if there’s an ETA on the 1.3 release and saw your note.



    Suzanne, I have another WP blog and use:

    I’ve been over chatting on their forum and it looks like no one has formed a workable solution yet for a versatile design that effectively integrates BP.

    I’ll keep looking as I’m not a coder but think I represent a typical user that wants to incorporate a flexible format. The Atahualpa is a good example…very versatile.

    The BP plug-in has a lot of offer when thinking of the community theme.

    see me here as well:


    Just a note to say that I tried looking at Atahualpa to modify it for use with Buddypress, and the code is an absolute nightmare to work with. And it’s a table-based layout.

    Yes, it has a lots of options. But if you want to mod it, ugh… There’s loads of other themes out there with options pages.

    edit: to answer your original question, in taking the navigation on the right, just move the code in the theme into a nav spot where you want in the header, and style it to go horizontally.

    It’s not really BP specific, or even MU-specific. It’s all a matter of styling.



    Thank you for the links and advice…

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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