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X-Profile Fields

  • Lriggle


    Just installed a fresh WP/BP in my test environment with WP2.8.5.2 and BP1.1.2. I’m having an issue setting up certain custom profile fields.

    In our live environment, which is a bit older and running BP 1.0.3, there were some pre-built fields available for things like State and Country pulldowns. I’ve been able to find the CSV files where this info resides in 1.1.2, but the pre-built fields don’t seem to be available.

    Have these been phased out of use in this version of BP, or did I mess something up? I don’t relish the idea of creating 50 pulldown items for the US states…

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  • r-a-y


    I don’t see this as well in BP 1.1+.

    This was extremely useful!

    But, I’m guessing if you already have these profile fields setup when you upgrade, these fields should still exist.

    It’s only if you decide to create new x-profile fields that you won’t be able to use the CSV option.

    EDIT: Added an enhancement ticket in Trac:

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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