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Xprofile Custom Fields Type Problem

  • serks



    I am using the plugin Buddypress Xprofile Custom Fields Type and I am having a problem with it.

    I have set up a some radio buttons under a custom profile tab called ‘Display Options’.
    Each radio button is basically just a ‘Show’ and ‘Hide’ for a specific element around the website.

    For example, one of them is to show or hide a particular widget (which I have gotten to work using a conditional statement and Widget Logic plugin).

    Also there are a whole lot of options for css changes etc.

    If anyone wants it, I can provide details on how I achieved the above.

    Anyway, all that is fine and working. The only problem I am having is that when a new user signs up to the site, even though these ‘Show’ and ‘Hide’ settings are all correctly defaulted in their profile, they aren’t activated until the user actually goes to that ‘Display Options’ tab and clicks the save button. Only then does everything take effect.

    Any ideas as to how this can be fixed?

    Thanks in advance to anyone for any help.

    Wordpress 3.8.1
    Buddypress 1.8


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