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Youzer Login Not Working

  • bpotter78



    I’ve searched everywhere the past 48 hours for a solution to this, but cannot find anything. Not even on the Youzer support!

    I recently installed Youzer and set it up step-by-step.

    The login and registration pages look and work fine, I can register and activate the account successfully.

    But when I start from scratch and login from the login page, after clicking the Login button, the page just refreshes back to the login page, and not redirected to the Buddypress profile. In fact, the login doesn’t actually log into my account. It just refreshes back to the login page where I have to start again.

    I’ve deactivated/reactivated all plugins etc, and I’ve double checked the login redirection settings both in the theme and Youzer. And cleared browser cache. But still nothing.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

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  • bpotter78


    So I did a theme conflict test, and low and behold, when I changed to TwentyTwenty theme the login worked.

    But the thing is, the theme I’m using (VideoPro) was built specifically for BuddyPress use.

    So I’m still stumped.

    Varun Dubey


    @bpotter78 It seems like a theme-specific issue, you have also confirmed that it worked with the default theme.
    Checkout with the theme support of VideoPro once.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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