• Sorry for doubleposting, the edit link gives me a “page not found”.

    I’ve used CSS to hide the comment link under comments. The link still shows up below new comments to the activity, but only until the page is reloaded or […]

  • So if I understand you correctly:
    1: If I use CSS to hide the comment link, it’ll be hidden under both the activity and under each comment?
    2: Using a filter to filter out recursive comments would hide those comments? Or would […]

  • I’m also wondering if any of these conditionals can be used:
    Wondering if any of these or maybe other conditionals can be used to determine […]

  • Hi.
    I’d like to tweak my activity or entry loop so that only commenting to the activity is available. In other words, no comments directly to comments, just to the activity.
    As it is now the users may comment both activities […]

  • xrun started the forum topic Comment list skew in the group Creating & Extending: 3 years ago

    Hi. I need to disable commenting comments under activities on a new buddypress site I’m working on, but keep the ability to comment the activities. When someone comments a previous comment instead of the activity, the new comment skews out to the right, and starts a new thread or something. This becomes a problem when [...]

  • xrun posted an update 3 years, 11 months ago

    @sbrajesh Hi Brajesh.
    It seems like moving the site I have been working on made a couple of things stop working. Specifically, displaying the buddypress avatar in the sidebar of a blog. I’ve been trying to fix it for almost a week, but it seems like I’m stuck. I would be greatful for any assistance you could offer here. :)

  • Hi.
    I’m working on a site where members can register their own blogs, and I need to display the blogadmins avatar in a sidebar on these blogs. Each blog will have one admin (except superadmin), and I only need to show this one avatar there. How do I do this?

  • xrun posted a new activity comment 3 years, 12 months ago

    It turns out I need to display the avatar for the logged in user as well, in the sidebar at a different place on the pages I’m setting up. In this location the avatar for the admin of the current blog must not be displayed, only the logged in user. Do you have a tip for how I may tweak the plugin and widget to do this?

  • I’m running BuddyPress on a WP 3.0 Multisite, and I’m listing activity entries on blog pages on those subdomains. Posting activity entries from subdomains and listing them on subdomains work ok, and if I go to the permalink for a single entry I can read it and reply to it, this takes place under the [...]

  • xrun posted an update 4 years ago

    @boonebgorges I’ve added some information to the thread about the Load More issue at http://buddypress.org/community/groups/creating-extending/forum/topic/how-to-add-per_page35-without-messing-up-load-more-link/?topic_page=2&num=15

    I hope this is helpful in shedding some light on the issue.

  • xrun posted a new activity comment 4 years ago

    I was wondering, I know these buttons are in the buddybar at the top of the page, but to stay consistent with the theme with buttons below the profile in the sidebar: do you have the code for adding links to these things too?
    groups list page
    friends list page
    edit profile

    I tryed copying those from the profile pages, but it seems like I’m…[Read more]

  • xrun posted a new activity comment 4 years ago

    Absolutely beautiful. I added code from the profile for blogs plugin to determine the user id, you can see it in the first 15 lines of code there now.


    You’re a lifesaver.

    When visiting that users blog now I get links for Add/Remove friend, Mention this user, and Send private message.
    When I log in as the user…[Read more]

  • xrun posted an update 4 years ago

    @sbrajesh @sbrajesh
    I’m displaying the avatar and profile information, bio and so on in a sidebar on a blog page, so I guess a blog page would be the correct place. The buttons/links are needed below the output from the profile widget.

  • xrun posted a new activity comment 4 years ago

    I’m displaying the avatar and profile information, bio and so on in a sidebar on a blog page, so I guess a blog page would be the correct place.

  • I used something like this conditional loading of the sidebars: !– Check to see if this is a single post or entry shown, — ?php if (bp_is_activity_permalink()) { ? /* You can put anything you want to load here if the above condition is met. */ ?php } ? !– End check to see if [...]

  • xrun posted an update 4 years ago

    @sbrajesh Hi Brajesh
    I’m looking for a way to include the add friend, remove friend, inbox, send message, all those links in the sidebar below a profile avatar along with the profile info. I’m already using your very good plugin, but I’m still looking for the rest. Could your plugin do this, or do you know how I could add this myself?

  • xrun posted on the forum topic Displaying user profile in the group How-To and Troubleshooting: 4 years ago

    @boonebgorges @johnjamesjacoby @nahummadrid After working on other bits for a few days, I need to revisit an issue from the original post in this thread about 2 weeks ago. I need to display the user actions for profiles, below the profile image and information in the sidebar, links for adding as friend, send message and so on. If [...]

  • Hi. I’m working on a theme where I need to restrict the users to commenting just the activities, not the activities comments as well. It would be great if someone could point me in the right direction. Even removing the “Reply” link associated with every reply would be ok. I just want comments on the [...]

  • Any insight on this?

  • Any insight on this?

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