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  • Sorry for doubleposting, the edit link gives me a “page not found”.

    I’ve used CSS to hide the comment link under comments. The link still shows up below new comments to the activity, but only until the page is reloaded or refreshed. After that it is hidden. I’d like it to not be visible under new comments that have just been posted either. Any pointers? Are new comments visible just after being written read by a different function?

    So if I understand you correctly:
    1: If I use CSS to hide the comment link, it’ll be hidden under both the activity and under each comment?
    2: Using a filter to filter out recursive comments would hide those comments? Or would it hide the comment link as well, leaving only the comment link under the activity itself?

    I don’t have much coding experience so all help is greatly appreciated.

    I’m also wondering if any of these conditionals can be used:
    Wondering if any of these or maybe other conditionals can be used to determine if it’s the activities or one of their comments being commented. If so, then it should be possible to hide the comment entry link under each comment, leaving it visible under the activity only. Suggestions?

    I used something like this conditional loading of the sidebars:

    Check to see if this is a single post or entry shown,

    ?php if (bp_is_activity_permalink()) { ?
    /* You can put anything you want to load here if the above condition is met. */
    ?php } ?
    !– End check to see if this is a single post or entry shown —

    @boonebgorges @johnjamesjacoby @nahummadrid
    After working on other bits for a few days, I need to revisit an issue from the original post in this thread about 2 weeks ago.
    I need to display the user actions for profiles, below the profile image and information in the sidebar, links for adding as friend, send message and so on. If it is the owner of this profile I need to display links to edit profile, inbox, groups and so on.
    I’ve tried adding some code to the sidebar that I found in the profile php files, but they seem not to be able to connect to the profile, allthough the “Mention” link brings the user to the correct page to post an activity update. It does not include the username or any other name from the profile where that link was clicked though, so something is missing. I would really appreciate some assistance with this issue.

    Any insight on this?

    Any insight on this?

    Perfect, got it solved using this:

    Check to see if this is a single post or entry shown,
    and conditionally load first sidebar if it is.

    ?php if (bp_is_activity_permalink()) { ?
    div class=”left-sidebar”
    ?php locate_template( array( ‘left-sidebar.php’ ), true ) ?
    div class=”center-blog”

    ?php } ?
    !– End check to see if this is a single post or entry shown —

    (code clamps removed to show the code here.)
    And similar for every element needed shown under certain conditions.

    @boonebgorges the Load More-link doesn’t show up at all without the code. I currently have 13 entrys total, but no Load More-link.

    Edit: @boonebgorges
    The Load More-link has finally shown up as the list of activities has gotten longer, but still nothing happens when I click it, except adding #more to the url in the address field in the browser.
    I have realized something that may be significant though. The activities are listed on a subdomain blog, not the main blog, so there might be something with the url when it tries to load more activities.
    This may also be related to the issue when clicking to reply to an activity, as it seems to try to load the form using the subdomain url. When clicking reply while viewing a single activity did and still works like it should, having always been viewed on the main domain, not the subdomain.

    @boonebgorges the load more link has shown up at the bottom in the activity feed, the list currently has 13 entries. I’d like to cap it at somewhere between 5 and 10, and then extend the list to another 10 each time the load more-link is hit.
    I have removed the custom php-file temporarily, but while testing this I found that when I clicked the link it wouldn’t do anything, was just sitting there and accepting clicks without loading more.

    @nahummadrid Sorry for the late reply.
    The copy/paste thing seems not to be an issue, it still limits the length of the entry correctly. I’ve tried styling it a bit, it’s a work in progress. The site is not launched just yet and I’m working under an NDA, but I’ll let you know. :)

    @boonebgorges I did this, and set the limit to 5 while testing. It adds a “load more” link at the bottom of that short list, but when I click it nothing happens, nothing more is shown.
    What I did was to copy and put this into my bp-custom.php :

    function my_custom_query_filter( $query_string ) {
    $query_string .= ‘&per_page=35’;

    return $query_string;
    add_filter( ‘bp_dtheme_ajax_querystring’, ‘my_custom_query_filter’ );

    Yepp, that works like a charm. I’d like the number displayed like a label though, not in a text box. Makes it a bit more consistent with the theme.

    Yes @johnjamesjacoby , the avatars show up fine on subdomains and the main blog, so that part is fine. I’d like to have the standard actions for logged in users and for visitors shown below the profile in the sidebar though, haven’t found out that just yet. If you have something on that I’d be very grateful. :)
    Not talking about their entire forms now, just links/buttons to those actions.
    I’m guessing I can do some if is_logged_in() or similar and hardcode that into the sidebar, that would be nice.

    So what you are saying is that I’ll probably have less issues if going with a subdirectory structure for the multiblog setup, than I currently do with a multisite subdomain structure? It makes sense as long as the root domain constantly seems to be the variable, so to speak. ;)

    Edit: I just backed up my database and files, and upgraded to BP Neither uploaded avatars nor gravatars are showing on main domain pages nor subdomain blog pages.

    Edit 2: I spoke too soon. Sorry. After removing the code added to bp-custom.php earlyer today the avatars and gravatars seem fine on both main- and subdomains. Just didn’t think to remove that after the upgrade. Excellent. :)

    Yes, that is some of what I was looking for. Thing is that it still only shows the standard gravatar, not the uploaded user profile image. That image was uploaded through the BP change avatar dialog on the main site ie. and seems not to show up on the users own blog at It does show up when going to the profile using the links in the menu bar though, those links point to the main site domain.
    It is a subdomain multiuser setup, but it should still work shouldn’t it?

    Allright, I moved it to the wp-content/plugins folder. I can’t see any different in widgets or plugins, but I’m not sure where to look for it.
    Just to clarify, I’ve been working with WPMU for a couple of years, it’s just buddypress that’s virgin territory for me.

    I hope I’m doing this right. I made the bp-custom.php file, put that code in between ?php wrappers, and placed it in the main theme folder. Didn’t see any changes. I’m no coder though, be gentle. ;)

    Very good. I’m digging into it to find how I only display the blog owners gravatar, excluding the rest of the list. Thank you.
    Another thing: When I list these gravatars and action button links, I get just a gravatar, not the actual profile picture that has been uploaded. I do however get the actual profile picture when I view the profile on the main page. The blogs are on subdomains, not subdirectories.
    It’s like this: shows the correct profile picture when editing the profile. shows only the standard gravatar, except when editing the profile, cause that opens under the main domain.
    I’d like the uploaded user picture for the blog owner to be displayed on the blogs instead of a standard gravatar. Any pointers on this one?

    I’ll read it now. I also solved the above question, just didn’t see it right away.
    The theme divs goes below the content div in the BP template files instead of above. Oh well, one problem down, I’ll soon find a new one. ;)

    The site is not launched yet so it’s not open to the public. I’m developing this on a contract for a client with an NDA and stuff. I can however post some code snippets. If you need more access, please send me a pm.

    The guide after installing the BP plugin instructs us to add the theme divs to some index.php and other files in the BP template files added to the theme.
    The top of f.ex. the index.php in activity looks like this:
    (I have changed the angular code paranthesis at the beginning and end of each line to be able to post this here)

    (?php get_header() ?)
    (div id=”container”)
    (div id=”content”)
    (?php if ( !is_user_logged_in() ) : ?)

    — and so on.

    The theme page.php starts like this:
    (?php get_header(); ?)
    (div class=”left-navi-blog”)
    (?php include “left-sidebar.php”;?)
    (div class=”center-blog”)
    (?php if (have_posts()) : while (have_posts()) : the_post(); ?)

    — and so on.

    The instructions say to add the divs from the page.php to the activity index.php like this:
    (?php get_header(); ?)
    (div class=”left-navi-blog”)
    (?php include “left-sidebar.php”;?)
    (div class=”center-blog”)
    (div id=”container”)
    (div id=”content”)
    (?php if ( !is_user_logged_in() ) : ?)

    — and the rest of the code lines follows.

    The problem is that the left sidebar is nowhere to be seen, and I get all those meta links and blogroll and other links below the activity section of the page displayed when I click Activity in the BP adminbar.

    Just can’t figure out why this is when I’m following the instructions.

Viewing 20 replies - 1 through 20 (of 20 total)
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