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    Hi @sooskriszta

    Thanks for the ticket reference, i’m actually building a list of tickets around the need to attach media to components.

    I think what @boonebgorges says in comment of your ticket is really important :
    “… it’s not impossible that some simple media capabilities would one day be built into BP. … If anything were to be included, it would have to be done very carefully, working closely with teams like the BP Media team to determine how we could build something minimal in BP that could be scaffolded by other plugins.”

    I totally agree with him. Although i feel there’s a lot of expectations having features incorporated in BuddyPress, doing it carefully and in a way that would help other plugins is very important.

    When you say “Photos are the biggest attraction in social networking”, sometimes it’s not the case : for instance in the corporate world, the document really matters more.

    As i’ve said in last wednesday’s dev chat : “Media is a great challenge. I have some ideas about it, mainly around the concept of attachments for other components

    In BuddyPress, the groups component and the members component are dealing in a way with media using the core avatar functions. It can be a good start to see how to provide a quickest way for community administrators to view/manage all these media in a media Administration screen, in a group/member administration screen etc.. I think that building this can help us to extend it to other media capabilities.

    Thanks a lot for the alert. Have a lovely day.

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    @im4th Honestly, I don’t see why BP Media should be involved since:
    1. They are not even close to being the top media plugin for BP. rtMedia is (source
    2. By their own admission, they have taken so many manhours to build simple functionality that it seems their approach is almost prohibitive for BP core team.

    I think we should look to work more closely with rtMedia, who have built in a very short period of time a much more feature-rich and popular option than BP Media.

    Also, I strongly feel we should leverage the media management capability that is already built into WordPress.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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