BuddyPress 2.2.0 was so good, we knew you’d want 2.2.1 right away. It’s a maintenance release that fixes a few accidental features we didn’t know we introduced. Included below for your enjoyment is an elegant log of changes made over the past 2 weeks. Give it a peek, if you’re curious, or just go get to updating your BuddyPress’s instead.

  • Multisite: Deleting a post from non-root blog may delete root pages (#6226)
  • Activity: ‘just-me’ scope not using correct user ID (#6215)
  • Notifications: Pagination query string argument fix (#6205)
  • Register: Fix root page settings saving (#6197)
  • Members: Displaying member types within members loop fails (#6193)
  • BP-legacy: Improve directory page template wrapper handling (#6190)

Special thanks to Ray who stepped up and promptly patched most of these to get them to you ASAP.

Happy BuddyPress’ing!