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  • seriously no help at all? here’s an example i have provided if anyone doesn’t understand what i mean

    can anyone please help me?…

    @mercime this is what i wanted to do here’s and example with the custom fields a quick edit solution on the fly but i dont seem to find an answer how i can edit it like this and saving it without the user going the the custom fields group and doing it manually, i want a quick/fast solution for the users to edit fields on the fly. i hope you can help me out thank you.

    this is what i want to achieve i know it might seem difficult but i really want to integrate this to each user basically i will provide my own custom designs if some of my members want to use this as there custom background or they will also have the option to upload there own image that’s what i really want to achieve i really hope someone can help me out and guide me through the right direction

    Thanks I have looked into it, it has a pretty good feature I have run
    A few modifications myself, but nothing major like what I want to achieve.

    nvm i got it working now. thanks ill see what i can do with it. i appreciate your help!

    thanks this theme looks great, i test it out just to try it out but some how the background image/background color/ color links dont seem to work? at all.. im running buddypress 1.5.5 and wordpress 3.3 but it seems the theme works great no fatal errors nothing which i think its weird also another thing i wanted to ask you is there a way i can easily show the background color/ background image in different parts of the profile example like in the profile header box like below


    i have surely looked into that but for me its hard to add color picker functionally and stuff and set user id sava data so its best to have a live sample already created so i can start from it and tweak it,
    but either way thanks for the help.

    i took a look into that a while back, the source code seems pretty solid and understandable
    also how can i structure the color picker like Farbtastic to be stored and saved to each user’s profile like different color structure in each column of the profile and so on that’s my main concern thats what im having trouble with..

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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