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  • I’ll be buying the updated plugin shortly.
    I do hope that tagging makes its way into the next version.

    Actually, it seems I can’t even upload new thumbnails anymore.

    Actually, it seems I can’t even upload new thumbnails anymore.

    Cannot delete or edit links. Cannot leave comments for links.

    Any links where I use a fetched thumbnail lost their thumbnails when I upgraded BP to 1.5. And any new links that use a fetched thumbnail lose their thumbnails once the link is submitted.
    Uploaded thumbnails are still working.

    Hmm. Still seems to be broke.

    For some reason I also cannot leave comments and ratings on the Reviews tabs of groups for plugins. There’s no button to enter or send, like the Post Reply button below the comment boxes here.

    Deleted the plugin, and my site is working again. Reinstalled and activated the plugin… broke. Is the previous version available for download?

    Line 29 is:
    add_action( bp_core_admin_hook(), array( ‘DP_Welcome_Pack_Admin’, ‘setup_menu’ ) );

    I don’t know enough to know what the problem is with that.

    This update just hosed my site.
    Fatal error: Call to undefined function bp_core_admin_hook() in /home/(USER)/(DOMAIN)/wp-content/plugins/welcome-pack/welcome-pack-admin.php on line 29

    When I first updated it, WP deactivated it due to some missing file. When I tried to activate it again, it took my site down and now I only get the error above.

    I’ll donate $20 or more if you throw in a tagging/tag cloud feature.

    I wish the Links had tags. If you can figure this out, I hope you share! :-)

    @Paul, thanks. I look forward to trying it when it comes out.
    For now I’ve decided to try the Suffusion theme system.
    @Virtuali Disqus and IntenseDebate both have some shortcomings that I can’t deal with having on my site.

    Yep. I have the Category widget on my sidebar. I have the Show Hierarchy option enabled. Oddly enough, it works for the Suffusion theme but not the default BP theme.

    I have this question, too. Has anyone else encountered this? I’m using the default BP theme.

    Muchas muchas gracias.

    All is going okay so far, except the math challenge question.
    The BP Humanity plugin only shows a static question. It doesn’t change the question when the page reloads.
    Does anyone know of a BP-compatible plugin or script to give me a random math question, like the one shown here?


    Excellent. Thank you all. I will check those out.

    @adamrice I switched to Suffusion.
    @modemlooper Please see my second post. I’ll use the BP registration if it’s the easier way to get that functionality.

    I’ve verified it is related to the default Buddypress theme. I switched to a different BP-compatible theme, and I’m able to load the WP register page.

    Do I need to edit the functions.php file?

    I am still quite stuck on this. Poking around inside the files, but not really sure what I’m looking at here…. I’m server/network guy.

    If anyone would be so kind as to offer a possible solution, I would be very grateful.

    I added the line to my functions.php as suggested. The login link (wp-login.php?action=register) redirects to the home page now. The WP login works fine, though.
    I’ve deactivated all plugins except the BP core. Made sure I’m not logged in, and cache/cookies have been cleared out.
    Anything else I should check?
    Greatly appreciate the assistance…

    Thank you, I will try that. Should I expect to encounter any problems with account creation? When I was searching I found a post that indicated there might be such issues, but it was from several months ago.

Viewing 25 replies - 1 through 25 (of 29 total)
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