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  • buddyrhev


    im using the latest code from brajesh… (BP 1.5), and it was working well in my custom theme, but i am having a problem on users log in and log out.. it didn’t redirect at all. Also it didn’t make the users log in nor log out… any solutions about this?

    maybe my own made custom theme wasn’t compatible in buddypress 1.5, even i used r-a-y and boone’s bp template pack on my own made custom theme already. can anyone help me on how my own custom theme be compatible in buddypress 1.5?… i really need to fix the activity stream :'(

    No i created my own wordpress theme and with the use of BP Compatibility pack made by r-a-y and boone. I can actually customized the bp templates using it, until I’ve updated the bp in 1.5 and now still having a problem with the activity feeds.. :'( any ideas how to fixed it?

    im having a problem in displaying the custom informations on my buddypress groups, I’m using my own custom made buddypress theme and I’m having a problem displaying the infos, can anyone help me?? Thanks Guys…

    oh my goodness! thank you @modemlooper! omg omg T_T

    i’m giving it a shot now :D , i’ll get back as soon as i finish testing the plug in

    now i found what i’m looking for, hahaha im having the same problem, adding new field in the group creation form. thanks @4ella :D , so what’s the progress here?, i saw @slaffik plug ins, and it’s really cool and useful in someway but we also need to put those fields in the creation form not just in the edit group form… :(

    any idea guys?? =/

    @Master r-a-y oh i think it they don’t have plan adding wall post for future release.. :( , as well as adding comment box on the single page events and group stream activity..

    but I found a better idea without having a wall post functions in event page, if i could display the group event on the group streams, is that possible? I found a group event plug in (group calendar plug in) that have that kind of feature, but I don’t know how to apply in Events Manager I’m so dead kid in php X(

    Thanks a lot Paul Gibbs! You’re a savior! :D , the way..I’m using events manager plug in, and I would like to have my group events posted in the Group Activity Stream is that possible?… I don’t know how to do it… X(

    bump please T_T

    oh, I’m sorry, it’s activity updates not “the wire”

    I’m using events manager plug in for the events and i need to add the wire to the events page to show all the events for the group..

    I’m using WP version 3.1.1 and buddypress version 1.2.9 , here’s the link on the initial screenshot of the wire? or activity updates… waaa… i dunno… please help me… :(

    i need to remove the following…

    i hope you can help me with my problems… :( thank you so much T_T

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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