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  • hmmmm !??! I don’t think I need the network just for my contacts :)
    Simply need to do that, as building a multi-pages registration form seems million times more difficult than that and nobody here knows how to do that anyways :(

    So … the question is basically a php question about how to pull the values from a session and pre-populate the BP-extended form fields from the registration page with that.

    That’s no problem to populate stand-alone fields (like username or email for ex) the problem comes with those extra fields which are dynamically generated and I have no clue how to replace the values !??!?

    Seems like nobody knows ?!? Not even those who programmed that stuff ?!?!

    the guys who programmed BP seem to need a “how to use” tutorial for their own site :P

    conclusion: no improvement with this forum, as dead as always … :-(

    come on guys, nobody ?!?! no php gurus here ?!? only desperate BP users !??!


    Anyone !??!?! This is most likely just a simple php issue, and of course BP, as one needs to know how that filed name should be called …
    All I need is to dynamically parse the name of the extra filed in that [] bit (to dynamically output the values for those fields if found in the session ` > so output smth like $_SESSION, $_SESSION, $_SESSION etc `

    I am not a programmer, and I could not find anywhere how that bp filed variable is called and how to grab that …

    Hope some one will react … can’t be such a big issue for a php guru :) … (well, my take at least)

    PS: anyone can please tell WHY do I need to try and post at least 5 times (apparently “I already “said that” – though I never did!!) untill a post makes it through here ?!??!? Puzzles me …

    Any idea at least how can I change this:


    to smth like this


    The above does not work of course, but if there is a way to insert there the name of the filed, that would do, right?


    actually I managed to pass the variables from form7 onto the register.php, but I need those values to prefill some of those extended user fields. As those extend user fields are built up dynamically, I am stuck …

    Any idea would be appreciated – this is now 100% regarding buddypress (I really hope this forum is not THAT dead …)

    Hi Hugo,
    Thanks for looking into it. I have no bars though, disabled those long ago because I found them annoying and confusing.

    But thanks a lot for the tip, I just went into one user profile over the frontend, than added /change-avatar in the end of the URL, and … it worked!

    Thanks again !

    Anyone ?!??!?!? @djpaul !??!

    (the lack of reaction suddenly reminded me of the non-existent support of buddypress … )

    But hope dies last .. so here some more to my question:

    How can i make this text only “friend X posted smth on FreindY’s wall” to appear in the general timeline (under root/activity) when a friend is posting smth. on one of his friends wall (root/members/friendY)
    and not showing the content of the post or the avatar of the poster ?!?!

    Just a line of text, like in facebook ….

    Thank you

    I’d love to know how did you manage to post here at all – this place gave me headackes …

    Was anyone lucky to find anything here?

    Please do NOT recommend plugings which are obviously broken! Looks that WP G+ plugin NEVER worked! Everybody who tried it complained, there was not even 1 single reply from the developers ….

    “Great”, right?

    .acomment-meta a.acomment-reply {display:none;}

    this would hide “reply” to “reply” link …

    there is one plugin called “buddypress like” or smth, search for it in the repository. Is not perfect, but does at least part of the job

    Any progress on this? some things are moving really slow or AT ALL with buddypress …

    We need the option to DEACTIVATE a user please, not delete!

    I don’t want them to be able to come next day and register with the same credentials and start the crap again.



    the reason you need the 1st part is that if you do not do it, when you click the Tab “All Members” you will still be served the unfiltered all users activity stream. that’s the behaviour that I have witnessed on my site at least.

    So it seems that the first function is blocking everything that is not “me or friend” to be shown.
    And this is what I wanted, this is how the other networks also work.

    Works beautifully now

    Thank you @modemlooper but that’s not enough and makes no change; we need a function to check if friend or not to apply to all streams.

    And I think I can say …. yes yes yes yes yes! I found the combination that seems to finally turn buddypress into a modern social network :-)

    So here the wonder-code (it must have smth to do with 11/11/11 > wish came true :) ):

    function my_is_friend_check( $friend_id = false) {
    global $bp;

    if ( !is_user_logged_in() )
    return false;

    if ( is_site_admin() )
    return true;

    if ( !$friend_id ) {
    $potential_friend_id = $bp->displayed_user->id;
    } else {
    $potential_friend_id = $friend_id;

    if ( $bp->loggedin_user->id == $potential_friend_id )
    return false;

    if ( friends_check_friendship_status($bp->loggedin_user->id, $potential_friend_id) == ‘is_friend’ )
    return true;

    return false;

    function my_denied_activity_nonfriends( $a, $activities ) {
    global $bp;

    //if admin we want to know
    if ( is_site_admin() )
    return $activities;

    foreach ( $activities->activities as $key => $activity ) {

    if ( $activity->user_id != $bp->loggedin_user->id && $activity->user_id != 0 && !my_is_friend_check($activity->user_id) ) {

    unset( $activities->activities[$key] );

    $activities->activity_count = $activities->activity_count-1;
    $activities->total_activity_count = $activities->total_activity_count-1;
    $activities->pag_num = $activities->pag_num -1;


    $activities_new = array_values( $activities->activities );
    $activities->activities = $activities_new;

    return $activities;
    add_action( ‘bp_has_activities’, ‘my_denied_activity_nonfriends’, 10, 2 );

    For all buddymuppets to enjoy :-)

    Thank you @modemlooper !

    I don’t think I really know how to start on that …

    I have tried this:

    foreach( $activities->activities as $key => $activity ) {
    if ( $activity->scope ==’friends’ || $activity->scope ==’just_me’) {
    unset( $activities->activities[$key] );

    but it does not work, I mean I only get the friends but not my own posts :-(

    As far as I understood is the “scope” I need not the action types (I want all actions to show, but for friends and the current user only)

    What am I doing wrong?

    An other thing that I have noticed, when I click on the “All users” Tab, the site-wide activity is there all untouched, and this is definitely not supposed to hapen. I need to filter that fully out!

    Just like Facebook! Imagine you loginto Facebook and get the billions of user activity statuses rolling in front of your eyes …

    I guess it has to be checked somehow that the displayed activity belongs to the current-user friends only …
    but how !??!

    “If you want help find the appropriate forum & post” … well, that’s quite part of the problem …. when you manage to find smth over the search, there’s no way you can reply / post to that topic in many cases.

    I feel I am losing my mind over this, really!

    Really nobody who knows how to collate own activity and the friends activity on the same page !??!??!

    Thanks for confirming the ímportance of this topic. I really cannot understand why BP does not even seem to want to look into it.

    I would be happy even with a core / bp-custom hack, not necessary a plugin.
    SOMETHING to help solve it!

    And no matter how much I looked and tried to get this done, nothing worked so far!

    BP Team , PLEASE HELP US solve this!


    did you manage to find a solution to this? I am desperately looking for smth similar and did not find any solution through these forums.

    scope=just-me&scope=friends will not work as that bp_has_activities only accepts ONE parameter (so only scope=just-me for ex). I have been there too, tried all possible combinations than read somewhere that it will simply not work that way.

    If you solved it I’d so much appreciate a hint as of how you did it.

    thank for the tip @etivite . I have searched and googled till my head was spinning, there is NO solution for it yet!

    The issue is asked again and again and again, and still no real solution. The only thing I have found which filters out the non-friend activity but also blocks your own! is this one:

    As for th bp_has_activities you can’t really use it as it only accepts ONE single parameter (for ex.
    if ( bp_has_activities( ‘scope=friends’) [which means own posts, groups, etc will be out!] and as you said is completely messing up the “load” function by the occasion. So you definitely can NOT call that a solution.

    You say it has been covered before, I’d rather say it has been asked again and again but when you search through all those posts you’ll see they all end either unanswered or after people desperately try to figure it out somehow, gets abandoned as no one found the way to solve it. ANd there was not even ONE single post from some of the developers who know best how buddypress is built.

    We can try and try and break our heads, but if after 2 years none of us managed 2 find a solution, isn’t it time for a specialist to look into it?

    We need just as on other social networks the possibility to have own posts (incl comments) combined with friends’ posts (also incl. commenst) on one single page/wall and only visible for friends.

    All social networks do that these days, only buddypress not …. :-(

    nothing here either !??!

    using the if ( bp_has_activities( ‘scope=mentions’ ) ) is messing up the load function on the bottom by the way … so if you click on load, all the already loaded actions will be loaded again … 2 times, 3 times, n times, as many times you click on “load” :-(

Viewing 25 replies - 1 through 25 (of 54 total)
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