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  • chibichiii


    I’m also looking for a similar solution to this, it’s just so unlogical to have such a fine working BuddyBar “My Accounts” but in such a place where it simply gets burried.
    I am using mostly widgets together with the main navigation. And I would so desperately just want to add THAT menu, into my own excisting menu’s if I only knew how. Or add it to a widget I would settle for that as well. It’s too bad this isn’t a standard function from Buddypress cause I really don’t like letting people into my wordpress backend. So I would prefer to disable the Admin bar for my members. But now I can’t because then they don’t have a menu.
    I also tested the new Buddypress componants in wordpress custom menu’s this is a good step in the right direction. But you don’t have links like to someone’s forum topics, favorites, subscribed etc. Like you have in the buddybar. Or going to the Change avatar link, just too many goodies to miss to leave out the admin bar now.
    Can someone help out here?



    Big kudos for you mort3n!

    I was just about to trow my pc out of the window after putting so much effort in getting the group forums to work and finding out it only had a boring plain text editor…

    You just saved my day thnx for it, worked like a charm and was so easy!



    God I nearly lost my mind over this rediculous bug…going into desperate mode.
    I had uninstalled, reinstalled all the group forums. I checked the bb-config, noticed that it did not have same database settings in it so deleted it. Went back to Buddypress settings > Forums and reinstalled a fresh group forum.
    Then I tried posting a topic and it was STILL not working, when I finally found the tip here to uncheck, save the settings page, switched to Avatar, back to settings, checked the forum for that group again. Saved the settings once more and went to forums > new topic.
    Finally I managed to post a topic.

    But now guess what, the group forum uses no rich text editor. I cannot add html tags, not implement videos, pictures or anything else it’s just a boring plain topic poster.

    Also it gives no function to subforums to organize your content properly so in fact all you get is a group > forums > topics. Which leaves a huge mess if you have a large fandom.

    Now I’m wondering seriously…I did all those troubles went nearly depressed over this freeking thing only to find out it will probably not even be used because with a phpBB board as a proper forum and half of the social network functions not working who would want to?

    So then we go to the option of using Sidewide forums, which is better because of the rich html text editor. But which lacks a certain amount of necesarry functionalities.

    Like show unread posts, yes I am aware of the plugin BP Unread Posts from Pippin, but unfortunately this one does not work for sidewide topics. It’s supposed to show a link unread posts on the bbpress profile site, which does not excist anymore because it’s automatically replaced by the buddypress profile site and that one does not show show unread posts link anywhere.

    If you check the forum tabs in your buddypress profile, you’ll notice that topics you post on the sitewide forum are not reconized. Leaving the profile page by saying you have no replies, no forums, no favorites added, if you have an active sidewide forum.

    Now where is the use in that?

    I loved the idea of buddypress, with a bbpress forum inside. I thought it was brilliant, that with the achievements plugin, gifts rebirth plugin, links plugin, media plugin, that I could actually build a great multimedia site offering something to my users that had never been offered before.

    But instead I’m growing rather desperate running from one bug to another and having no idea how to fix these troubles. I’ve been trying for over a week now to get everything working…

    And it’s still not even near to complete



    I had this one as well it’s quite easy to fix really. The only trouble your having is that when you installed Buddypress it installed a forum page with permalink domain/forum <– being forum slug. Which was assigned to the group forum in the database.
    You need to delete the complete page, also delete from trash, make a new page name it forum and it should be working with bpp-forum-index then.
    I myself fixed it this way I made two forums; forums remaining to be the group forums and then I made a page Discussion forums and named it forum-2 then I set the base and slug in the bbpress settings on forum-2 and it was working again. Both group and sitewide.



    I still don’t completely understand what you mean.

    bbPress Site Wide favorites don’t appear in the profiles at all yet, they will in 1.6/2.1. Same with topics and replies that are posted from within wp-admin. It sounds silly, but I didn’t feel it right to trigger activity updates when posting in the dashboard while bbPress 2.0 was still new. So these are less bugs than they are unfinished features.

    Mentions work, and appear in activity streams and trigger notifications. runs a vanilla install of everything, and they work there without issue.

    The database update is a prompt you see in your dashboard. If you don’t see the prompt, then there’s nothing that needs doing.

    So if I am understanding correctly, topics made in the backend of wordpress for the sitewide forums will not show under the forums tab in the members section?

    I have also created a topic directly on the sitewide forums, not in the backend, named introductions. However if I look under my profile, at forums: it says no topics found.

    So somehow the topics created in sitewide forums do not show in the members pages.

    Is this an unfinished feature or a bug?

    Cause it’s kind of hard to keep track of the published topics right now.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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