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  • i would use that video chat plugin, in fact! i’ve been searching and there is none…. most of the other sites have one so why don’t we have one! u need to make one @Dfa327. just make sure it is user friendly, not branded, has no ads and can work on our servers, we know it will require a huge amount of bandwidth, but who ever needs it will seek a server with unlimited bandwidth… its that simple…

    anyone tried cometchat? it works… i have it on my site and its great! didnt buy it tho… black market rulez!!! :-)

    envolve isnt working, it says access error, and some other stuff… and all my files in tht folder have the required permissions. so u need to fix tht…

    is thre a plugin i can use to manage those user menus?

    kk, i seem to have another problem, the menus arent working right on my site, it seems jumbled since i created three new pages… so now it says home, activity, members, etc, but it doesnt go across the entire screen like it should. also, i get this red bar that says deleted on most of my pages. any suggestions? you can view it here

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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