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New BP Chat plugin for Buddypress

  • Mark


    We’re working on a cool chat plugin for Buddypress since no one has released anything yet (not that we know of anyway).

    Here’s what the Buddypress Chat plugin offers your site:

    – Any user with an account can login and chat with other users that are online.

    – Each user can mark themselves as available or unavailable for chat

    – A new Chat menu item appears in the My Account menu of the navigation bar.

    – The menu takes users to a page where they can view who is currently available for chat.

    – The plugin checks the database to see which users were recently active. So when a user drops out of that list for inactivity then they no longer appear in the list of available users for chat until they become active on your site again.

    – Chatting with a user produces a small chat box at the bottom of the screen that stays in place even if someone scrolls the screen. Chat conversation is preserved across different pages on your site, so conversions are not interrupted while someone surfs various pages on your site.

    It’s in development. Now is the time to test it and give your opinion on features, layout, usability, etc. Go to the test site and sign up for an account, then you can try the chat if others are online to chat with. See the blog post for more info.

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  • Sam Steiner


    For whoever is looking desperately for a chat for BuddyPress – here is one more I just found and it seems to be finished and working. It is not a small Facebook-like-chat though (and the free version has ads in it), so there is still some waiting to be done for this plugin here to be finished…

    – see screenshot here:

    Maybe this can help someone.

    Hi Magganpice,

    I tested all of the chat plugins.

    I feel, non of them are ready to use, or have ads.

    Toksta is a service where you give away all your user data. Also it has ads.

    Buddypress Ajax Chat is actually the open source chat from: and I think it’s overloaded. If I want something like this I use irc.

    What I saw at M Website is really impressing, and exactly what I’m looking fore.

    Hope to get M back to the project.



    There is also CometChat.. paid but supposed to be very good. might tell them you’re interested in this topic, so they start working on BP Integration.. it should not be very hard to make according to them:



    Although it’s irritating, but can’t we just get all of the developers here who are interested in creating a chat plugin and build it from scratch, together?

    I’d be happy to work on the UI and co-ordinate developers?



    Alex, its a money issue chap.



    Here’s the scoop. First of all, BP 1.2 is gonna break a lot of plugin code based on what I’ve seen to date. So I’m not really in a rush to finish BP Chat or BP Twitter until two essential things happen:

    1. The upcoming WordPress 3.0 (due in March 2010) is in a reasonable state of Alpha release so that the code base merge of WP and WPMU is good enough for cross-platform developers to actually get busy with modifying their own plugins to work properly.

    2. BuddyPress 1.2 gets close to final beta.

    When those 2 things happen I will finish both plugins. But that isn’t happening yet. WP devs have only just released a basic WP/WPMU merge over the weekend (Jan 18). I have it installed. I can’t work with it to develop stuff for BP. Too much is still missing. As for BP, 1.2 is coming along. I also have that installed, but there are some bugs that create significant hurdles.

    That said, my BP Twitter plugin is essentially done, but some of the code is gonna break in BP 1.2, so I’ll have to fix it before it’s released. BP Chat is basically done in terms of one-to-one chat too, but again, I’m waiting for items 1 and 2 above before I release it because I will definitely have to change the code to work right.

    Group chat is gonna have to wait a bit longer. Some of you have had a chance to demo group my chat. It’s cool stuff, it works, but it needs more work, and there’s no sense working to finish it when I know full well that I’ll have to mod the code significantly to work in BP 1.2.

    Hang tight folks. I know it’s been a while, but I will release some stuff as soon as technically possible.

    And if you’re overly impatient or have mission critical immediate needs, go with something that is already out there, or hire a pro to build you a solution :-)



    Isn’t WP 3.0 due near July or later?

    So basically we’re going to be waiting until the latter part of 2010, then? ;)

    If you’re just waiting for BP 1.2, then we could definitely see an earlier release! :)



    All I need is reasonable WP 3.0 *ALPHA* code and good BP 1.2 code. That’s it.

    We aren’t there yet.

    Not knocking the code, just sayin’… it’s needs a little more work.



    @M keep up the good work,but please can you extend your twitter plugin with a page for user’s followers tweets & avatar? “

    Good to hear you’re still up! none of the other chat-solutions seemed quite like what I need. Yours seemd a couple of month ago already ahead :-). Looking forward…!



    What is it you wanted the chat to do that mine (buddypress ajax chat) failed to do. Please tell me:)



    Mike Pratt


    @Dfa327 Is there anywhere we can see your plugin at work (demo) I have searched all your sites and found it a bit confusing to find what I am looking for. Thanks.




    i installed David’s chat plugin on the FR demo site

    (wp & bp 1.1.3)

    Feel free to create your account and test it !



    @Chouf1 Hmmm… I try to view the demo but get “(My IP address) est banni ! Va voir ailleurs…”

    @Dfa327 I have tried to install your BP Ajax Chat but couldn’t get it to work – when I hit the chat button I get “You’re currently logged out.”

    @M – am I being partially sighted or is your chat plug-in demo not on your site?

    I am currently rolling out an internal corp social network site based on MU&BP and chat would be a total boon. I don’t want to have to resort to Saleforce Chatter ;-)

    @dave It is just fine, your chat. BUT for my use, too much on the user-side. Too many options, possibilities etc… This is confusing for most of my users… (just the small-pop-up-chat is fine :-)



    @ nommo, Sorry, this is because you’re using a banned IP or mail host.

    Try to use something other. (you@gmail ie)



    @ Chouf1 – no worries – thanks for the reply :)

    Where is the IP (can’t be my mailhost as I didn’t enter any email details) banned? I am at work and will need to action something I am sure to get us out of the blacklist wherever it is… I will have to try your demo from home tonight in the meantime :)





    I have the following error:

    Fatal error: Call to a member function getName() on a non-object in /home/www/webXXX/html/wp-content/plugins/buddypress-ajax-chat/bp-chat/chat/lib/class/AJAXChat.php on line 124

    I´ve got this problem since i updated to the newest BP Version



    do nobondy have this problem???

    i´ve had this problem after update Buddypress to the actual version

    can somebody help me??

    Philo Hagen


    @silversurferes I have the same problem. Since the last updates the Buddypress Ajax Chat doesn’t work at all. Fatal errors. It’s been disabled. I liked having the chat, but since I’m in here now and on this topic,

    @Dfa327 I’ve been wondering how you got a GPL license for this plug-in when your ads come with it and aren’t modifiable. Seems to me GPL is all open for modification and is free – that’s the point, right?



    Two questions:

    1. I need this plugin in Persian. I translated the language files but the problem is that the chat box does not have the option for Persian. Arabic and Hebrew are the only right-to-left languages listed. How can I add Persian to the language list?

    2. How one can set up a certain language and theme as default for every user?

    There is another chat solution for your BuddyPress community called Envolve Chat. Here’s the plugin page:

    Here’s the site:

    It’s clean, professional and works great. (I am one of the devs)

    envolve isnt working, it says access error, and some other stuff… and all my files in tht folder have the required permissions. so u need to fix tht…

    Vernon Fowler


    Anyone using the lite version of WPMU’s Chat plugin ? Pros and cons please.



    can you have only friends online option to increase the privacy to users

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