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New BP Chat plugin for Buddypress

  • Mark


    We’re working on a cool chat plugin for Buddypress since no one has released anything yet (not that we know of anyway).

    Here’s what the Buddypress Chat plugin offers your site:

    – Any user with an account can login and chat with other users that are online.

    – Each user can mark themselves as available or unavailable for chat

    – A new Chat menu item appears in the My Account menu of the navigation bar.

    – The menu takes users to a page where they can view who is currently available for chat.

    – The plugin checks the database to see which users were recently active. So when a user drops out of that list for inactivity then they no longer appear in the list of available users for chat until they become active on your site again.

    – Chatting with a user produces a small chat box at the bottom of the screen that stays in place even if someone scrolls the screen. Chat conversation is preserved across different pages on your site, so conversions are not interrupted while someone surfs various pages on your site.

    It’s in development. Now is the time to test it and give your opinion on features, layout, usability, etc. Go to the test site and sign up for an account, then you can try the chat if others are online to chat with. See the blog post for more info.

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  • Idiom


    The chat system kicks ass.. Super impressed so far.. Keep up the great work!

    Hey M, I think you are going to be the YEDI-Master of BP Plugins :-)



    @ M:

    when will the plugin become available to download ?



    @Budhajeewa Supun: It’ll be released as soon as it’s ready, which at this point it is not. We’re working the group chat feature – which is basically working but not done yet.



    Any word on progress, I am really excited to see the plugin.


    Count me in…

    I am eager to download this plugin….



    Hmm, dosent look like there has been any updates in the past couple of weeks on the plugin site either..



    Sorry for the lag time folks – earning an income to pay bills has to take priority over developing code for free ;-)

    I’ll get back to finishing up the chat plugin as soon as I can.

    Meanwhile the BP Twitter plugin is essentially finished. I just need to check a few things before releasing it.




    Great news re: Twitter plugin. Can’t wait to try it out.

    David Mazza


    Awesome. We really appreciate it.

    Hi Mr. M.

    Unfortunately, it seems FF 3.5 update messes your sites layout (, all fonts appear double sized.

    More on that here:



    @el_terko: Thanks – If Andy’s fix in the thread you posted works then my site is fixed. I don’t use FF 3.5 yet, so I can’t test it myself.



    Coool.. can’t wait for this! great M!



    @M, Please can you extend your twitter plugin with a page for user’s followers tweets & avatar?



    I hate to ask, but will this plugin see daylight at all?

    I’m not mad or anything but the first post in this thread was started about 2 months ago. I do start wondering if this plugin might never be aviable for download?



    Would be nice to see this happen..

    Heh, two months is nothing. My achievements plugin I announced about two months ago and it’s now coming out Very Soon ™.

    I am assuming the developer of this plugin either found other paying work which took a priority or has just been really busy :)



    If the current codebase was released into the plugins repository, then other developers who possibly have more time to spend on the plugin could work to improve it to a polished state.

    I’m sure there would be plenty of people willing to lend a hand, I for one would be happy to help on the UI front.



    @Hempsworth, Why not go for it and get the job done?



    This plug-in / feature is probably the most sought after. Maybe at some point Andy will take the time to integrate chat into a future release of BP down the road.

    You can’t really have a social network w/o chat these days. MySpace, FaceBook, OkCupid, all have it.

    Don Elliott


    If it’s a money issue how much do you need to make this a priority? I realize this may not be the appropriate place to bring up this topic so please contact me through my site if this is an option. It’s a needed plugin and if paying to help give the developer enough time to finish it is the key I am willing to look into that!

    Elliott Design



    Funny how bills can take a person away from writing free code :-)

    Sorry for the delays…

    Basic chat works. Group chat is more complicated if one wants to really support anything other than a tiny community without driving a database server into the group with loads of queries per second. So we’re working on that and having some success. I guess a few of you had a chance to demo that aspect while I was online testing it :-)

    No ETA on a release date…



    Quoting Gpo1: “@M, Please can you extend your twitter plugin with a page for user’s followers tweets & avatar? ”

    @Gpo1: I probably could, but the plugin is not meant to entirely replace Twitter, it’s meant to offer a reasonable amount of interactivity with Twitter.

    @M: Good to hear from you! To me your chat plugin is still the most promising…! And I wait with others till you release it.

    Ps: To me it seams already pretty mature (more than others who already released it. What about a test-version *smile* :-)?

    Sam Steiner


    This looks interesting but seems to have time resource problems. If this is ging to be a free plugin, why not release the code in order to let other build upon this and drive the plugin ahead? Maybe there is a possibility of releasing a version with some not yet finished features missig?

    If this is going to cost something, why not discuss the price with those of us who will soon need to employ developers to create such a plugin?

    Nobody seems to have a working released chat plugin for BuddyPress yet. These are the ones I have come across so far:

    – this one of course:

    – one is promised over at

    – there seems to be something here:

    Anyone know more?

    Maybe we could get together and employ someone (or even “M”) to bring such a plugin into existance? I guess there are a few projects out there (like mine) that absolutely NEED a chat feature to go online (in my case, BuddyPress will have to replace an existing system thaat already includes a chat).

Viewing 25 replies - 26 through 50 (of 75 total)
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