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Instant Messaging Feature

  • Armin


    It would be nice to have an instant messaging feature for friends only chat on buddypress.

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  • rossagrant


    I too would love a basic and reliable instant messaging solution on BP. I haven’t found one yet. Anyone know of or developing a decent one?



    it’ll be the last feature bp will create lol. In the new version there will be no chat. But there is one in the plugin section have a look



    The ajax chat that is out right now isn’t all that great from what I hear. I’d love an integrated Facebook style chat.
    Surely someone out there must be working on something like that?

    I think the ajax chat is ok, and it works well with groups in a BuddyPress install, giving each a dedicated chatroom. But the shoutbox is a bit weird, and tends to have a life of its own.

    If you want a FB clone, try (it even has a Farmville plugin…aaaargh)…but it will cost you at least $65.

    I’m very keen to see a videochat app which will integrate with the user database. Blendapps produced a good mashup with userplane for Ning, and it would be great to have something similar.

    I have news from the forum at, that on monday a simple-chat-plugin should be released as a free plugin. Hopefully :-)!



    That sounds awesome! Perfect timing! Any specifics on what it does from Buddy Dev?

    GnG Team


    Yeah that sounds well cool. Our team have started up a new SOCIAL NETWORKING MAGAZINE

    It’s like youtube but instead of videos , you submit an article…

    It would be cool if we could get a feature like this on the magazine as well.

    G&G Team



    If you are looking for a videochat app that will integrate perfectly with bp groups, then check out
    While I do not currently use it with bp, I do have it 100% perfectly integrated with elgg groups. Frankly integrating it with elgg was 10x more difficult than it would be to integrate with bp. Basically all of the db parameters are wide open, so in theory you could connect their system to any user db.

    Word of warning though, I would not even both trying to integrate it with red-5, that’s a waste of time; You will need to purchase a real flash comm server package, wowza will work, in order to get reliable video chat working. Also keep in mind that video chat takes some serious bandwidth, and I mean serious.

    I’ve pretty much tried all the pro chat scripts out there on the market, and I have to say that 123flashchat is hands down the most powerful and efficient system out there. I use the load balancing system and it works perfectly across my network of chat servers. Their tech support is fantastic, though they pretty much only speak Chinese.. yeah that makes for some interesting discussions with them.



    that would be great … i could use a simple user-to-user chat plugin as well ..



    Any news on the simple chat plugin from buddypress dev? @ @miguael

    still waiting for that simple chat plugin that was due Monday 2 months ago – waiting patiently, lol. :-)

    Buddydev chat … not good at all, second thing about Buddydev…someones alse work claimed to be BudyDev ..first of that the BP gallery actualy work of this guy only – and still they whant get paid for membership???? oo yeah am runing to do it …NOT.
    Totaly comercial stuff and the update?? sucks ..installation of BP galery at least strange colapsing of the plugin ..lots of them ..hate it i uninstall it not worth of money .
    The footer chat constantly shows people online eaven they are NOT for days …

    so I say if Wordpess and Buddypress are free stuff developed in hard work ,time and skill …plugins must be a free stuff not paied ones and low functionality
    i dont give a damn if someone sayd …one day they will make it free …not true they will never be free and the scripts will never be released free for the simple reason that there is someone alse work in it…



    @Histrion You have been misinformed. I have been using BP Gallery in different sites since its alpha version more than a year ago (early 2010) where it already had image, audio and video galleries for groups. I can say it continues to shine code-wise and feature-wise. Brajesh has consistently rolled out updated/improved BP Gallery versions each time BuddyPress and/or WP/MU/MS has been updated and whenever necessary in between. I have not experienced “collapsing of plugin” at any time. Maybe you’re writing about a different plugin :-)

    BP Gallery is work of @sbrajesh = Brajesh has also made the “Pretty Gallery plugin for BP Gallery” as an add-on plugin for the special effects on media uploaded already via BP Gallery. And, he never claimed to have created Pretty Gallery plugin in the first place. He is a professional who gives credit where credit is due.

    As for BP Chat, it is still in beta – – which means it’s not stable yet.

    You are free to use other chat plugins just as you are free to use other gallery/album plugins.


    Sorry to dissapoint you but i ma talking about that Bp Gallery ..i have it i am a member there be honest that plugin messes up buddypress …i had it for 2 weeks ..uninstalled it
    and i say it again,we will see how free it will be . so another question did you visited the link i provided?? if you did chek thah work codes compare it whit the BuddyDev…than you wil see

    see ya Cheers



    Even if plugin is Free, if it “messes up BuddyPress”, I wouldn’t use it.

    If you are a premium member of BuddyDev, downloaded latest BP Gallery version in the past two weeks, and can’t get it working in your site, then you should have posted in the member-only BP Gallery forum (link redirects to forum directory for non-members) to get the plugin you paid for working in your site.

    Why don’t you post the link to the BuddyDev’s member forum topic with your request for assistance re BP Gallery here? Brajesh is quite very very good at troubleshooting to help you get it running. Heck, I’ll even throw in my 2cents worth :-) After all, it’s just sad if you threw away a cool plugin you already paid for.




    Plus, there still seems to be some confusion between BP-Gallery and Pretty Photo (the link you mention). BP-Gallery is a media upload & management system designed by Brajesh, whereas Pretty Photo is a plugin that has been adapted to function with BP-Gallery for enhanced display; BP-Gallery works just fine without it.



    anyone tried cometchat? it works… i have it on my site and its great! didnt buy it tho… black market rulez!!! :-)



    Any one tried this one?

    Has both private and public chat. Looks like you need to pay if you want it to pick up buddypress usernames etc…

    Avi M


    We just started using arrowchat. It’s not without issues but so far the tech suppport has been good.

    I’m now using a Skysa toolbar, which integrates fine with BP, and offers a range of chat options.

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