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  • Hi @dtc7240,

    Thank you very mutch for reporting bugs.

    i have added fix on the last version (1.3).
    I just want to mention that i keeped the ability to members to change the visibility of no threaded comment( join group, leave group, ..etc) since this activities concerns it.

    be cargful when you add this tests on your version:
    if( bp_activity_user_can_delete() && bp_get_activity_type() == 'activity_update' ) {

    it’s can stop the plugin to work for others plugins like buddydrive or others ( they use others activity type other than ‘activity_update’).

    I invite you to join the support forum of the plugin for more enhancement and suggestions.

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  • Hi @dtc7240,

    And many thanks for effort, that was problem and i was fixed it i think last night ( version 1.2.2 ).
    here new code

    // mentioned members can always see the acitivity whatever the privacy level
    if ( $visibility != 'mentionedonly' && $bp_loggedin_user_id && $remove_from_stream ){
    $usernames = bp_activity_find_mentions( $activity->content );
    $is_mentioned = array_key_exists( $bp_loggedin_user_id, …>
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