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  • You could always use your spare domain and lock everyone out with .htaccess. I tried my first test install on a Linux dev box I have here, and it nearly worked… but not quite. I then used a spare domain of my own and set it up on my Hostgator shared hosting… and it worked fine. Still trying to figure out why my dev box didn’t want to play nicely, given I have other WP installs on it that work fine.

    I guess I’m just giving you a heads up that things may not be as easy on your own local dev system as they might on a pretty standard Linux shared hosting environment. :)

    Hi burtadsit, this relates to my reply to the other post :).

    It looks like none of the category slugs get created during the install ( well, not on mine at least ). It also seems like the rewrite rules are screwy, because the only permalink option that works is the default – anything directory based ( e.g. months and name or numeric ) gives 404’s. :(

    ClarkConnect is a variant on a Linux CentOS distro, basically a packaged LAMP web server with a nice web based control panel.

    I’ve spent about 5 hours on this now… getting nowhere. I doubt a full re-install will help my cause – nothing failed or bombed the first time, and I would just repeat the same. In spite of that, I might try it on one of my shared hosting accounts on a public facing server… and see what happens. If it works, at least I can play “spot the difference”. ;)

    Thanks burtadsit.

    In my install it looks like none of the slugs got created… I have no idea why… but it means /groups or /register of course go nowhwere :(. Apache error log ain’t much use… of course it tells me those pages are 404!! Is there some way of manually creating these in the DB? It looks like a number of people are getting one or more slugs not created for some reason. My install is in the site root, so nothing to do with that. It’s on my own Clark Connect server, so shouldn’t suffer any of the shared hosting issues.

    I’m trawling through bp-core.php right now and sticking echo’s all over the place, I’ll report back if I find anything. :)

    Hmmm… disappointed at the lack of response to a reasonable request. :(

    None of the tabs work in my install, I get the same blank pages. And guess what… I chose directory instead of subdomain. It would be kinda nice if someone could confirm if there is in fact a problem with this – it would save a lot of people wasting their time and potentially giving up… and not coming back…

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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