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  • When someone requests to join a group it would be nice to get a message and/or notification as well as when you are in the Group it would be nice that you get a number next to the Manage tab (like you do for Members to show you how many are in the Group) to show you how many Manage items are awaiting your action to draw your attention to the…[Read more]

  • Curious where Messages and Notifications are on the new Buddypress 12.3.x

    I am “trying” to not use Buddypress Classic and stay stricly Buddypress 12.3.x but under options or URLs I don’t see anything referencing Notifications or Messages which is odd.

  • Did you ever find the answer to #2

    I am getting this message as well…
    Private Media
    The private root directory is missing.

    Please make sure the /var/www/vhosts/ exists and is writeable for the server’s user.

    Does this mean you go to /var/www/vhosts/ and create the buddypress-private directory?
    If y…[Read more]

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