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  • I dont understand why there isnt sufficient plugins to restrict activity, groups and forums successfully. It just puzzles me as i am also looking for this plugin.

    i found the answer….. disable easy album plugin and it should work.

    can someone please help

    This is the header. But i put the footer file and that is working for just one page. do i need to transfer all the files over to the moon folder. please help.

    * Theme Name: BuddyPress moon
    * Theme URI: http://joblogs/wp-content/themes/moon/
    * Description: Clean and stylish, BuddyPress Default lets you build a social network straight out of the box. Make it yours with a custom menu, header image, and background. Along with five widgetized areas (one in the sidebar, four in the footer), BP-Default supports featured images (as custom header images on posts and pages) and is furnished with an optional one-column page template that removes the sidebar, and a stylesheet for the admin Visual Editor.
    * Version: 1.5
    * Author: jo blogs
    * Author URI:
    * Template: bp-default

    I am using a child theme i created.

    Hello Ray and Mercime. Thank you for your help. I did what i was supposed to do and i got a message to the tune ” you cannot edit this file”. WHen transfering footer to be put inside the child theme folder sitting along side the style.css. Please help. All i am trying to do is to delete a few words from the footer in the child theme but it is causing too much trouble. What have i done wrong. please help.

    What do you mean by copy over footer and then into your child theme folder….? sorry?

    What do you mean by copy over footer and then into your child theme folder….? sorry?

    I want to emphaise that i want to RE-INSTALL WORDPRESS without losing my other plugins… it is possible through the dashboard.

    Since i upgraded with buddypress 1.5 i dont have the login screen any more and i can see the wiget boxes underneath. I am wondering if i should reinstall wordpress, but how can i do it through the dashboard.

    what would be the widget files on word press

    I think it was something to do with buddypress 1.5 install. There is no widget, no login form on my websites either and the boxes are out of sync. A lot of problems with this buddypress 1.5 install.

    I think we are all suffering from the change of version even the buddypress website.

    Buddypress 1.5 new patch is a nightmare. I cannot see my activity, members or groups. I feel so low. I think we might need to revert to the previous version. I cannot access even my dashboard. They changed the colour of the header to lighter blue after many people might have customised the rest of the pages to match. What they should have done is put in another section for lighter blue so that you have the choice to change it. It is very stressful after putting in a lot of work and hours. They really need to investigate Buddypress thoroughly before releasing the patch

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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