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  • I am the only admin and yes I am using BP Labs.

    I have searched and searched and can’t find it! I know I did it before but can’t remember how… anyone?

    this is what’s in my theme’s header:

    This is great, one thing… When I click on the “Stop following user” button it takes me to an 404 page. Any idea how I can fix that?

    I know that, but when I’m viewing my history of pages visited, I see the titles and on my site they are all just for every page.

    Would love to see this! Could be modified on so many ways to work for many different communities.

    I have been looking for PM attachments as well! Would love to have that feature.


    I would like this as it handles email, names properly but I don’t want to create login/register pages. I want to be able to add it or have it auto add itself like twit connect does.

    I use the Buddypress Ajax login and twit connect adds nicely to it. It also add nicely to my wp-login page as well. Can you add this feature?

    Isn’t that just for core buddypress? I am using the followers plugin, can anyone help with something more specific? there are a lot of people that could benefit from this.

    For example, I want Follow = Become a fan
    Followers = Fans

    Very excited that it will support the Activity plus plugin!! you rock!!

    This would be such a helpful plugin if it worked and it’s probably a couple min fix for someone that knows what they are doing! Please someone help! :)

    @boonebgorges Hi, great plugin, I was wondering if we could have an option to search for members to invite instead of listing all the members with checkboxes.

    When I try to load that page on my site with 8500+ members, it chokes and often takes over a min to load if not crash. How about an option to not show the list and just have a search??

    Awesome, this fixed the issues my members were complaining about! Thanks! :)

    Wow thanks JamieWade! I just replaced the whole load more ajax part with that and it worked! I didn’t need to do anything like add the no-ajax class

    I have this as well and it’s a huge problem on my site, as it gets busier, people are missing out on things as they can’t load more! Can anyone help? If it’s fixed in BP 1.3 isn’t there a hotfix we could apply to get us through?

    Well I don’t mind having BP-Album installed as long as I can hide it’s tab

    so basically need to remove BP-Album tab



    Anyone figure out a way to “activate” all wordpress users so they show up on Buddypress right away?



    I also want to know this, anyone?

    Ok, and please do post about the WP3 menu link, I think that is important. Thanks!

    how can we link to BP My Home from a widget or the wordpress 3 menu system?

Viewing 23 replies - 1 through 23 (of 23 total)
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