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  • its great !!! :)

    Its been so long to your post , but I wonder where have you reached with your idea.
    I am looking for something similar, but not just replacing the name from group to project. Can there be any drawing tool, so that we can just draw and share.?

    anyways if somebody come across again,this plugin can be helpful :

    for sharing documents inside a group.

    hi all,
    is there some way to enable email notification when a user is mentioned in any comments of a post ?
    Right now it only works when a user is mentioned on activity stream.

    it works well,
    what if need is to jump to some specific nav like edit-profile under profile tab?

    define ( ‘BP_ENABLE_ROOT_PROFILES’, true );

    Gangesh Matta


    Hi, I got it solved using buddypress skeleton component.
    Thanks to its creator.

    Gangesh Matta


    Looking for kind of similar solution, but i dont think that there is any such plugin.
    For such purpose there must be some custom functionality, or multiple buddypress plugin installation,
    don’t know that i can be possible or not, but seems to be a solution.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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