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BP Group Tasks Management System – demo

  • BuddyPress Group Tasks Management System (or BP GTM System for short) is developed to create a list of tasks in each group that must be completed until deadline for all users of the site, your friends or group members.

    This plugin is under development but you cat test it and give me different ideas on this demo-site:

    Register there please and give me some feedback about plugin work so I can make it better. I bet you to read a small post “Rules to follow” and an “About” page (features description).

    I hope you will like it. You can even see rather old video:

    Best wishes,

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  • @mercime


    @slaFFik tried to create an account to test, did not receive activation email.

    @mercime I’ve activated you manually.



    @slaFFik Thank you, testing it now and will post feedback in your site forum. Based on your demo in, it’s looking great :-)



    @slaFFik, when do you expect to release this plugin?

    This is a great project management system which many could use in tandem with a BP event plugin (JetEvent plugin or EventPress) and with a BP gallery plugin (BP Gallery or BP Album, etc). It’s easy enough to manually add links to respective project, event, gallery in respective description areas. Creating the project, announcing the event then showing the images/video/audio of the project/event would be just the ticket e.g. for the BuddyPress Rock Concert :-)

    Thank you.

    @mercime, I don’t know exactly when it will be ready for release – there are to many ideas I want to implement. First of all: profile pages, projects directory, rich editor and more complicated projects pages. Then – global statistic, better overall management, task/project discussion feature…
    The problem is that I’m coding in my free time (that’s only 3 hours per day max)…



    @slaFFik understood. Each time I visit your site to test the plugin, I see more and more improvements. Thank you.

    Today a new really great feature will be added!

    Gangesh Matta


    its great !!! :)

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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