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  • @ghyatt scan of your site shows you’re using HTML in domain root with two physical subdirectories created and a WP installation in each of the subdirectories.

    with the later of these affect the first one as far as themes go!

    Not sure what you mean by this. But since you have two separate WP installations, the theme you activate on first WP site…[Read more]

  • @ghyatt As I mentioned above, the menu links are there. They’re just hidden behind that purple band which you should be able to remove – theme options perhaps. What you can do is to send the pages ending with -2 to Trash. Open up Trash and retrieve the pages without the -2 ending, then delete the others permanently.

    As for BP Theme Compat, before…[Read more]

  • I have it set in gen admin options to allow for registration and all pages necessary for BP with their corresponding links which you can see on the top of my site???

    @ghyatt I don’t see any links to the BuddyPress pages at the top of your site using Chrome, Firefox and Safari. Looking at source code however, I see that it’s there and covered…[Read more]

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